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Photograph of dog

Yokohama-shi animal protection center

To owner of cat

It was thing which went out, but, speaking of cat, environment that surrounded cat by change of recent house circumstances ever traded the outside freely. Does your pet cat not give a trouble outside?

(1)Recommendation of indoor breeding

Complaints such as having been damaged damage and car of feces and urine due to cat held out increase. We do not rarely develop into trouble between inhabitants. In addition, there is danger such as injury or disease by traffic accident and quarrel between cats outside, too. We recommend indoor breeding for pet cat.

(2)Please do owner clear statement

Originally we are kept outside and cat which can stroll in the outside freely is in heat and is surprised at big sound and performs in the distance unexpectedly and may not return to house. At that time, we cannot inform without owner clear statement even if protected somewhere.
 If collar niya child's identification cards are on, we can inform owner.
 Microchip can identify owner to bury in the body if there is leader (machine reading number of microchip) even if collar falls out by any chance. For your important dog, cat, please do owner clear statement by all means.

(3)Recommendation of sterility castration operation

Cat meets sexual excitement in about half a year, and delivery is enabled. Probability to become pregnant to ovulate when cat copulates is very high, and numbers suddenly increase when we do not do sterilization again because 2-3 times a year of delivery is possible. Without plan letting you give birth, let's carry out sterility castration operation that there is too many and keep, and to reduce taking care of of lost cat.

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