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Photograph of dog

Yokohama-shi animal protection center

Do you know infectious disease derived from animal?

Infectious disease derived from animal is generic name to infect person from animal of illness. There are thing that both person and animal become severe, thing that animal is asymptomatic, and person becomes seriously ill or thing that it is opposite, and person is mild, and animal becomes severe.


On July 16, 2013, Taiwanese Council of Agriculture had publication of having confirmed outbreak of rabies in wild animal (ferret badger).
As a result, it was decided that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries handled Taiwan as non-cleanliness area of rabies from July 17, 2013.
Prevent being thoughtless, and approaching animal locally just to make sure and from touching. In addition, person with plan of trip, please be careful about future information to Taiwan.
In addition, that dogs imported within the past six months by Taiwan are bred, please observe everyday health after entry for half a year just to make sure.

Taiwanese Council of Agriculture announced when they confirmed that ferret badger which bit person in Taitung County on July 23 infected rabies virus. In Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we appeal to everybody made a voyage to in Taiwan to be thoughtless, and to approach animal locally, and not to touch.

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About the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "handling of import of dogs quarantine inspection with outbreak of rabies in Taiwan"
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "rabies"

(1)What kind of infectious disease is there?

We become pet of wild animal, and, with changes of natural environments by international movement or land development of person and animal, new infectious disease is found in sequence. There is infectious disease derived from animals more than 150 kinds only by the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming now. To causative pathogen, parasite, bacteria, virus vary.
List of main diseases (PDF)Acrobat Reader
Infectious disease handbook (to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage) derived from animal

※As for the wanting to know more detailed information about infectious disease derived from animal, "does Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare know animal origin infectious disease?" Please see, and "common infectious disease society of person and animal".

(2)To prevent?

We can prevent infection from animal of illness if we do animals and a certain moderation how to contact.
★We refrain from excessive contact
We feed by mouth to mouth transfer and stop common use of tableware, and let's avoid that we lie with futon same as animal.
★We touch animal and wash hand by all means if we play in sandboxes
It can wash away most pathogens by washing hand using soap.
★Oneself of animal keeps clean
We perform brushing and care for animal including nail clippers and cleaning of hut diligently, and let's keep cleanliness.
We ventilate, and let's perform disposal of feces immediately.
★Health care of animal
We will let you consult veterinarian as needed if we discover abnormality of animal. Keep; one and disease prevention,
Let's talk about vaccination. Particularly, let's observe childish individual and animal which we have begun to just keep well.
★We avoid breeding at home of wild animal
For the infection prevention of illness, let's avoid breeding of wild animal from the viewpoint of animal resource conservation again.
★If feel disorder to body, is medical facility early; consultation!
Symptom similar to a cold and influenza often comes out, and discovery is easy to be late. Keep pet on consultation
About contact with thing and animal which there is, let's tell doctor.

(3)Contact information

Animal protection center phone number: 045-471-2111
Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of each ward

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