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Do you know person beast common infectious disease (zoo Gnosis)?

It is said that infectious disease to infect both person and animal is in the world more than 200 kinds in report of World Health Organization (WHO). There are virus, bacteria and states in pathogen, and infection power is strong among them, and there is aggravated thing. As infection course varies according to pathogens, deepen knowledge about at risk infectious disease to be transmitted from animal and take measures, and what we prevent is important.

The latest information

January 31, 2018

About Corynebacterium Ull selane infectious disease
As for most of domestic infection examples in people, it is confirmed to be infection from dog and cat, but can reduce risk of infection by performing hand-washing after having come in contact with animal surely.
For more information, look here.

January 31, 2018

About highly pathogenic avian influenza
・Highly pathogenic avian influenza is detected in wild bird in poultry, Tokyo in Kagawa. We are not detected now in Yokohama-shi.
・It is thought that normal do not infect person unless bird flu virus is infectious disease to move from chicken to chicken, and deep contact with infected chicken is special.
→Precautions look at this in detail.

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