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Photograph of dog

Yokohama-shi animal protection center

The duties results

 The duties results for the past 2 years are as follows.

Spread enlightenment business such as appropriate breeding

 Including owner, we carried out spread of dog/cat enlightenment business including holding of method of teaching manners classroom and distribution of enlightenment leaflet targeting at citizens in school, Neighborhood Associations widely to deepen civic understanding and interest about appropriate breeding.

The yearSchool relationsNeighborhood AssociationsOwnerOthers
28  Eight times 696 people  124 times 11,065 people 54 times 2,616 people 79 times 5,947 people
29 Nine times 958 people 142 times 13,908 people 56 times 1,910 people 79 times 5,576 people


Bite accident measures due to dog

 For prevention of harm due to dog, we try for the knowledge spread of habits of dog and promote instruction reinforcement of appropriate breeding management of dog to owner.

The yearThe number of bite accident reportsThe number of the bite dogsThe management situation of dog at the time of bite
28 107 cases 118 of them in total 115 house dogs Three such as stray dogs 118 of them in total It is 14 of them during mooring in kennels Moor; and 61 of them during exercise Ten pasturage 33 others
29 100 cases The total
121 of them
House dog
120 of them
One such as stray dogs 121 of them in total It is 12 of them during mooring in kennels Moor; and 52 of them during exercise 11 pasturage 46 others


Complaint of dog

 Complaint, consultation from citizen come to still have a big ratio of "damage by feces and urine" with tendency of slight increase.
 Therefore, in each ward, we performed distribution such as plate, flyer which appealed for conduct and morals improvement of enlightenment campaign to owner.

The number such as complaints of contents 2,488 cases 2,005 cases
Breakdown Protection such as stray dogs 141 cases 120 cases
Pasturage 76 cases 101 cases
Feces and urine 1,410 cases 1,202 cases
Cry 221 cases 232 cases
Damage of body, instrument 103 cases 110 cases
The inappropriate handling, abuse 73 cases 67 cases
Thing about registration, injection 305 cases 78 cases
Others 159 cases 95 cases


Taking care of, the protection accommodation number of dogs

 We performed protection, the accommodation of dog and injury dog of unknown owner or taking care of of dog which kept, and disappeared.

Accommodation head count The total number 271 of them 294 of them
Capture dog 19 of them Six of them
Dog of unknown owner 204 of them 176 of them
Dog which we kept, and there was not 44 of them 107 of them
Injury dog Four of them Five of them
The number of the return 165 of them 138 of them
The number of the transfers 76 of them 101 of them
Euthanasia disposal 36 of them 29 of them
Natural death, body import Three of them Four of them


Complaint of cat, other animals

 State that ratio is high in of damage by feces and urine leads to most of the complaints about cat, other animals like dog.
 In each ward, we cope about complaint, consultation about cat, other animals individually and enlighten appropriate breeding of cat in consideration for surrounding environment.

The number of contents (in total) such as complaints 3,252 cases 2,341 cases
Breakdown Feces and urine 867 cases 744 cases
Odor, hair (feather) 77 cases 67 cases
Cry 68 cases 47 cases
Damage of body, instrument 71 cases 87 cases
The inappropriate handling, abuse 81 cases 67 cases
Consultation about the accommodation 1,013 cases 754 cases
Others 1,075 cases 575 cases


Taking care of, the protection accommodation number of cats

 Kept and carried out the accommodation, treatment of cat and small animal of unknown taking care of of lost cat, cat of unknown owner and owner who got injured.
 As for the cats of unknown taken owner, individuals within 91 days are often found. 

Accommodation head count The total number 1,314 of them 1,188 of them
Cat of unknown owner 710 of them
588 of them
Cat which we kept, and there was not 96 of them
185 of them
Cats of injury 508 of them
415 of them
The number of the return 17 of them 17 of them
The number of the transfers 525 of them 485 of them
Euthanasia disposal 404 of them
390 of them
Natural death 135 of them
116 of them
Body import 226 of them
179 of them
() Head count that inner number is less than age for 91 days


 Sterility castration operation promotion business of cat

 In 2017, we assisted upper limit 5,000 yen per one for cat (4,098) without owner and planned promotion of sterile castration operation.


The rabies prevention

  Rabies does not occur in Japan since 1957, but rabies is prevalent abroad in many countries including developed country, and, as for rabies having possibilities to come in the country anytime, it is necessary to follow, and to pay attention without being able to deny.
    Based on rabies prophylaxis, owner of dog is required "to perform annual rabies vaccination" with "registration of dog".

Registration head count 178,302 of them 177,016 of them
The number of the registration application 12,091 of them 12,301 of them
Have been injected; the number of the vote grants 133,583 of them 133,472 of them
Meeting venue injection conduct number 22,248 of them 20,452 of them


Duties summary

 For more information about the duties results, please see duties summary.
 Acrobat Reader2017 animal protection management-related duties summary (PDF file)



Yokohama-shi animal protection center (045-471-2111)

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