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Photograph of dog

Yokohama-shi animal protection center


It is page of common question.

Animal which we kept was missing Q1.

A1. Lost pet may be protected in various places. Let's ask the next organizations as soon as possible.


We will ask repeatedly around once in 2-3 days until pet returns to house. In addition, let's look for the outskirts of home by yourself. You put flyer on local bulletin board and borrow power of neighborhood after having got permission such as Neighborhood Associations, and please look for as much as possible.


When dog which we registered transfers to transference or the suburbs in the city Q2?

A2. When you moved into in the city, with dog's license tag of the former location, please can touch Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of ward to live. We replace with dog's license tag of Yokohama-shi free of charge. When you do not have dog's license tag, it becomes re-grant (fee 1,600 yen).
When we are transferred in the suburbs, procedure in Yokohama-shi does not have. Please tell jurisdiction section of Shinjo staying in the locale with dog's license tag of Yokohama-shi.


When Q3. pet has died?

A3. dog tells Health and Welfare Center of ward with registration, and please cross registration. In addition, we cremate pet in Tozuka funeral hall (TEL 045-864-7001). Please refer for rates directly. When there is the body of dog and cat on street, please connect with Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of the ward.


We were not able to keep dog which Q4 bred or cat.

Owner of A4. animal must make an effort to breed for life. When transfer is never found without continuing keeping animal by unavoidable circumstances, please consult with Health and Welfare Center of ward to live. For more details, we cannot keep dog or cat and do, and please see page of hold and others.


Why don't you be bitten by Q5. dog?

A5, please contact Health and Welfare Center of ward that there was of accident immediately. In addition, owner must let veterinarian check-up dog within two days.


When we import Q6. dog or cats from foreign countries or we export abroad?

A6. When we import dog, cat, monkey, fox, raccoon, skunks from foreign countries, prior report (until 40 days before we import) and inspection certificate of published by export country, import quarantine inspection in the country are necessary. When we export, we perform quarantine inspection along condition of export destination. For more details, please refer to animal quarantine station (TEL 045-751-5921).
 In addition, when you take dog registering abroad, you contact Health and Welfare Center of ward with registration, and please file for deregistration.


There is dog escaping Q7.

A7, please contact Health and Welfare Center of the ward.


Dog, cat which do not understand Q8. owner have injury.

A8, please contact Health and Welfare Center of the ward.
※In the case of shut agency time such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, please refer to Yokohama-shi call center.


Q9. monkey hangs around downtown.

Wild Japanese monkey which left group from the Tanzawa area in average year may appear frequently in the city, but A9, please watch calmly when they excite as they are dangerous. Please connect with the police at the time of dangerous state. In addition, please connect with Health and Welfare Center of ward or animal protection center (TEL 045-471-2111) when monkey considered that we were kept runs away.
In addition, we would like inquiry about the wild birds and beasts such as raccoon dog, palm civet, domestic pigeon, crow to the Environmental Planning Bureau (TEL 045-671-3448) or prefecture environment agricultural administration station (TEL 045-210-4319).


We are in trouble to feces and urine of cat without Q10. owner.

We introduce methods not to send A10. cat to. For more details, please give me one heogo * having a problem with cat without owner.

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