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Summary of homeless person assistance measures of Yokohama-shi

About homeless person assistance measures of Yokohama-shi, please click item which you want to look at.

1 life poor independence support system

 Life poor independence support law (we assume "the poor method" as follows.) was enforced on April 1, 2015. By the enforcement of these poor method, a part of the homeless person support measure that Motoichi stimulated will carry out based on the poor method until now. In homeless person support measures of Motoichi, approaches based on the poor method are as follows.

(1) Administration of life independence support facility Hamakaze

 For the life poor who do not have constant house, we carry out offer, physical checkup of accommodation and meal and carry out "life poor 1:00 life support project" to provide with daily necessities necessary to run everyday life.

 In addition, we carry out "facility type independence consultation support project" for independence of this temporary life support project user. In this business, we make support plan to user individual and perform support such as working for independence and consultation support such as use adjustment of welfare service. When the use of welfare service is necessary after facility exit, we perform transfer of support.

 In addition, in fact, as support to homeless people living on streets, we go around the city and carry out consultation support. We carry out this patrol activity as out reach activity of "facility type independence consultation support project".

[support contents of life independence support facility Hamakaze]

  Oh, temporary life support project

  •  Support contents: The food and sleep and clothing, offers such as daily necessities, conduct of medical examination
  •  Period of use: Within principle March. Within maximum extension June (for period of use, it is decided by support plan of i)

[the business results] Entrance capacity is 250 people.

 20132014 2015  2016 2017
  Entrance total number of persons     1,127 people     977 people   847 people    669 people      740 people

  i facility type independence consultation support

  •  Support contents: Conduct of support based on making and plan of support plan based on individual assessment results, use adjustment of necessary support engine after exit

  Cormorant out reach activity (patrol consultation)

  In fact we support consultation such as homeless people living on streets. We carry out night street consultation to go around around Kannai Station and Yokohama Station carrying out as part of out reach activity conventionally.
  In addition, nurse goes together at the time of degree, this patrol consultation twice a week and carries out health consultation.

[the activity results]

    The number of consultation       2,090 cases    1,918 cases    1,948 cases    1,532 cases    1,225 cases

Execution plan about support of independence of 2 Yokohama-shi homeless people

 We devise "execution plan about support of independence of Yokohama-shi homeless person" to meet "basic policies about support of homeless independence" that country notified based on "special measures law about support of homeless independence" and this law in Yokohama-shi, and to promote homeless general independence assistance measures that accepted the fact of Yokohama-shi.
 Current execution plan is the third and shows directionality of basic measure to affect homeless independence support from 2014 to 2018.

We raise opinion, suggestion to "execution plan about support of independence of the fourth Yokohama-shi homeless person" draft. [offer was finished. We appreciate your sending opinion.]

About opinion offer (summary version)
About opinion offer (summary version) [PDF 536KB]
◆Old and new execution plans
 Plan draft (the fourth execution plan) [PDF 2,515KB]
 Current plan (the third execution plan) [PDF 1,117KB]

◆As a result of civic opinion offer
 About offer of "execution plan about support of independence of the fourth Yokohama-shi homeless person" citizen's opinion that we carried out on devising, we appreciate your sending opinion. As we collected opinion, thought of Yokohama-shi for requests that had you approach, we announce.

 Result this [PDF 471KB]

3 homeless person round numbers investigations

 In Yokohama-shi, we perform visual investigation into homeless round numbers in the city every year.

[homeless person round numbers findings] It depends on "national survey about the homeless actual situation" by country

 January, 2014January, 2015January, 2016January, 2017January, 2018
The number of the homeless people    580 people     548 people       536 people     531 people     477 people

4 for free small sum accommodation business

 About free small sum lodging, we establish "guidelines on free small sum accommodation business" from point of view to place as one of the homeless independence support measures.

 As for the details, please see page of "free small sum accommodation business".

About homeless person and human rights

 As for the thought about homeless human rights of Yokohama-shi, please see page of "homeless person and human rights".

 We carry out homeless person assistance measures of Yokohama-shi in cooperation with Kotobuki district measures and health medical care measures.
 About Kotobuki district measures and health medical care measures, please see "execution plan about support of independence of Yokohama-shi homeless person" (Portable Document Format: 1,152KB).

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