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Important news

Update information


Periodontal disease health check-up business


We promote the prevention and early detection of periodontal disease becoming big cause to lose tooth and carry out periodontal disease health check-up for the purpose of what we support to be able to send healthy, comfortable life in the advanced age period.


40 years old resident in Yokohama-shi as of consultation day, 50 years old, 60 years old, citizen of 70 years old
(in the case of consultation, please bring health insurance card for identity verification)

Conduct place

City periodontal disease health check-up conduct medical institution


500 yen
 But, in the applicable one, expense becomes exemption next.
 ・70-year-old one → Take thing which age such as health insurance cards can identify
 ・Social security household → As for "holiday, the night, take identification of medical treatment request"
 ・One where Chinese residual Japanese support payment system is applied to → Take "identification of identity verification"
 ・Only as for tax-free household, per capita rate of municipal tax, prefectural tax taxation household (procedure is necessary beforehand)

※For more details, please refer to Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division of ward to live. 

Health check-up item

We perform Yokohama-shi periodontal disease health check-up in the following item.
 1. The situation (we inspect all teeth ocularly) of tooth
 2. The situation (we measure periodontal pocket of specific tooth) of periodontium
   ※Periodontal pocket: Groove between tooth and gingiva

 ※ We do not carry out examination for image or removal of calculus by X-rays in Yokohama-shi periodontal disease health check-up.
   In addition, we may not treat on the same day on health check-up day unless consulted person hopes even if treatment is necessary.
   (when it is cured on the same day on health check-up day, treatment costs are collected separately from health check-up consultation charges at window.)

Consultation method

Medical institution: Please refer to medical institution hoped for beforehand on conduct days.

→Periodontal disease health check-up conduct medical institution is this


Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi kenshin 

Reception hours from 8:30 to 17:15 (excluded on Sundays and holidays)

TEL 045-664-2606

FAX 045-664-2828

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