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Summary of Yokohama-shi scenic zone system

Scenic zone

For living environment that scenic zone is full of green being formed,
In area to prepare comfortable house space in town into, we establish based on the Town Planning and Zoning Act.
It prescribes standard of act in the Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations according to government ordinance in Yokohama-shi.

  Please utilize booklet "guide of scenic zone" (Portable Document Format 701KB). Please refer to "common question Q&A".

 Act that 1, permission in scenic zone need
 2, flow of procedure

  ≪Standard processing period 15th≫

  Flow of procedure

   ・ Please submit act permission application in scenic zone before
submitting confirmation application. ※It does not cost application charges.

  ・ During construction period, please post act permission vote in scenic zone (14th style) on place that you are easy to look at of the construction spot.

  ・ When change occurs for this permission act, please consult with window
    (reference: act change registration form in scenic zone).

 3, presentation of report of act completion

  ・ When you complete this permission act or you abolished, you must submit "act completion (the abolition) notice in scenic zone" (17th style) and attached documents to the mayor immediately. (Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations enforcement regulations Article 8 Clause 2)

  ・ When violation to condition (contents of permission application) that we referred to permission is found out, we become a target of penal regulations. (Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations Article 8, Article 9)

 4, downloading of format


  ・ Act permission application (first style) in scenic zone << Word form (31KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Act discussion proposal book in scenic zone << Word form (29KB) >> 
  ・ Act letter of advice << Word form (31KB) >> in scenic zone 
  ・ Act permission vote in scenic zone << Word form (31KB) >> 
  ・ Act permission succession notice << Word form (31KB) >> in scenic zone 
  ・ Report of address (full name) transfer << Word form (31KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Act completion (the abolition) notice (17th style) in scenic zone << Word form (31KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Management maintenance plan << Excel format (22KB) >>


  ・ Building specifications (the second issue style) << Word form (50KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Public establishment specifications (the third issue style) << Word form (35KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Color change specifications (the fourth issue style) such as buildings << Word form (20KB) >> 
  ・ Specifications (fifth style) such as creation of residential land << Word form (22KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Surface of the water inning (reclamation) specifications << Word form (20KB) >> 
  ・ Tree bamboo felling specifications (sixth style) << Word form (23KB) >> (mention example)
  ・ Collection specifications << Word form (21KB) >> of kind of nothing special 
  ・ Sedimentation specifications << Word form (22KB) of nothing special, refuse in the outdoors or reproduction resources  

 5, scenic zone in the city

 6, application to be related to

  ● Yamate scenic zone (Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section: 045-671-2673)
    There is examination committee based on Yamate-District scenery landscape management summary. Please submit examination documents before submitting permission application of the scenic zone regulations.
  ● Mt. Japanese yen sea scenic zone (the first, two kinds of scenic zones) (Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section: 045-671-3946)
    As, in Mt. Japanese yen sea scenic zone (first two kinds of scenic zones), most enter "Mt. Japanese yen sea, Kitakamakura suburban green zone preservation area" based on "the metropolitan area suburbs green zone preservation method,"
  When we perform new construction of building or other public establishments, creation of residential land, report is necessary beforehand separately.

  ※In addition, there is application to be related to. Please confirm in Yokohama-shi administration map information system.

 7, laws and ordinances concerned


  Please utilize booklet "guide of scenic zone" (Portable Document Format 701KB). Please refer to "common question Q&A".

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