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Welcome to page of information consultation section!
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 General consultation

 ◇General consultation, window guidance about building, residential land
Procedure of efficiency form meeting building guidepost

 Telephone: 671-2953


 Medium- and high-levels layer regulations procedures

 ◇Procedures such as the regulations about maintenance of living environment affecting buildings such as Yokohama-shi middle-high-rise buildings and development projects
 ◇Consultation and dispute mediation about light and construction accompanied with construction such as middle-high-rise buildings such as apartments, explanation of plan

 Telephone: 671-2350


 Reading, certificate of documents

 ◇Reading of construction plan summary book
 ◇Grant of building certification application account book mention certificate 
 ◇Grant of copying of registry of development projects
 ◇Grant of residential land development construction permission application account book mention certificate
 ◇Issuance of house certificate for house (unused new construction)

 Telephone: 671-4503

 About open call for participants type designated bidding  



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