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Because of great popularity, (2018) of this year is holding last year (2017), too!

 We hold Yokohama-shi vacant houses for free conference!

Vacant houses conference

                             [state of conference of last year]


 We conclude "agreements about measures such as vacant houses" with specialist in real estate, legal affairs, tax practice, building group to promote general vacant houses measures in Motoichi and establish consultation counter and push forward approach that cooperated.
We held conference that expert groups gathered in a hall in March for the first time last year (2017) and, as part of approach, had you participate in many people.
 Secondary to last year, we hold vacant houses for free conference, and expert of each field answers the inheritance, sale, utilization, various troubles about vacant houses including management this year.


◆Held summary◆

 Date and time Tuesday, March 27, 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00 (one set of less than 30 minutes)

 Place new capital city plaza (with the second floor of the Yokohama Station East Exit "Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall)" basement tax in proportion to the number of people open space)

Vacant houses conference map

 One that owns vacant houses in object, the city
     ・Person who examines inflection of vacant houses in the city

 Consultation contents (than consultation example of last year)

      ・A lot of heirs go down, and procedure does not advance.
      ・We want you to tell sale procedure of vacant houses.
      ・We want to utilize local vacant houses.
      ・We want to know the handling of tax after vacant houses removal. nado

Participation groupConsultation contents
Nonprofit foundation Kanagawa association of residential land building business
Nonprofit foundation All Japan Real Estate Association Motobu, Kanagawa Yokohama Branch
Thing about buying and selling and lease of real estate (vacant houses)
Kanagawa bar association The inheritance of vacant houses, right-affiliated rearranging such as adult guardianship, thing about solution to dispute over vacant houses
Kanagawa judicial scrivener society Thing about the inheritance registration, adult guardianship of land, building
Association of general Yokohama-shi authorized architect office Thing about building
Non profit organization Yokohama planners network Thing about vacant houses and utilization of ruins
Kanagawa land and house investigator society Title, change, the loss registration of building, thing about boundary investigation, confirmation
Association of general Kanagawa real estate appraiser Thing about evaluation of real estate (land, building)
Kanagawa administrative scrivener society Home owner, thing about confirmation of heir, administrative procedure or contract accompanied with the use, utilization of the sky
Tokyo region licensed tax accountant society Thing about tax to affect vacant houses
Yokohama-shi silver human resources center Thing about management of vacant houses















◆Application method [advance reservations system (first-come-first-served basis)] ◆ ※If there is space, on the day receptionist is possible, too.

 Application period: From Monday, February 26, 2018 to Friday, March 23
       ※We extended application period.

    Application by 1 Yokohama-shi electron application, report service

  https://www.e-shinsei.city.yokohama.lg.jp/yokohama/uketsuke/dform.do?id=1517299243424 for PC

   Cell-phone https://www.e-shinsei.city.yokohama.lg.jp/yokohama/uketsuke/iform.do?id=1517299243424

Smartphone https://www.e-shinsei.city.yokohama.lg.jp/yokohama/uketsuke/sform.do?id=1517299243424


    It is application by FAX after filling out required items to 2 applications



    ●If detailed time is fixed after the application, I will inform.


Reference materials: Press release document (February 19, 2018)

       Guidance flyer ※Application is on, too.


      ◆Advisory (March 30, 2017 holding) of vacant houses for free conference of last year◆

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