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Housing and Architecture Bureau Planning Division

 For realization of various visions of Motoichi including Middle four years plan development of station administration policy
We perform progress management, plan of important measure about use of land and general adjustment.


Housing and Architecture Bureau administration policy

It is administration policy of Housing and Architecture Bureau. We make aim every year clear and devise as composition target of station.



Page about vacant houses measures

 Brochure to have you manage vacant houses appropriately, information for consultation counter, vacant houses of Yokohama-shi
We publish approaches about measures.


Yokohama-shi development adjustment meeting

 About business that general adjustment of land utility plan which Yokohama-shi establishes needs toward the company "consultation book"
sei which has you submit, and performs advice such as basic policies about use of land about the contents from Yokohama-shi
It is degree.


Prior report system of land transaction in industrial accumulation area

 Prior to large-scale land transaction in industrial accumulation area, we have you report toward the seller, and is it Yokohama-shi?
It is system to tell about ways of thinking for use of ra land.


About inclusion cooperation agreement with Yokohama-shi and nice group

 Yokohama-shi and nice group including nice company concluded "inclusion cooperation agreement" about the spread of building and elderly person houses which considered environment, health as part of approach of wide environmental city of the future on February 12, 2015, charm dispatch on culture art, sightseeing side. We strengthen mutual cooperation based on this agreement and push forward approach for the purpose of improvement of civic service in Yokohama.