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 List of inquiry windows
 About boarder-line grounds indication of area division
 About the city planning business authorization situation
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We do not publish contents of city planning decision, change about the seventh drawing review in A-Mappy.
As for the confirmation of contents, please see this.
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Summary of use of Yokohama-shi land
 Document about the use of land situation
City planning column
 City planning system introduction column
Leaflet Japanese edition
 City planning PR document of Yokohama
 ※English version is here.

A one-3000th topographical map link banner
 Topographical map of the early days and 30s of the Showa era
 List of common inquiries
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  ■Inquiry about city planning restrictions
To  671-3510 (person in charge of City Planning Division instruction)
Article 53 permission and Article 65 permission
Position confirmation of city planning decision line
Various proof
City planning restrictions, architecture restrictions
Summary and operational standard
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  Sale such as figures of city planning
  Sale of aerial photograph
  The second use such as figures of city planning
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  Access floor guides
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  Lists of situation such as city planning decision
 (at March 15, 2018)
Lists such as city planning road notification day and notification number
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May 15
What's New
About legal general inspection about decision of spring Ryoke district city planning
Past news
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January 31
About the minutes of council for the 145th Yokohama-shi city planning
Past news
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May 1
We released "summary of use of Yokohama-shi land" that drawings introduced the use of land situation in Yokohama-shi.
January 31
Yokohama-shi administration map reporting system
About banner ad offer to "i- muppie" top page
Past news

We changed city planning of on March 15, 2018 and notified.
  [decision] Summary of change point  
City draft briefing session
  About holding of briefing session about city planning procedure  
City draft general inspection, public hearing
  About holding of city draft general inspection based on rule and public hearing  
City planning original bill general inspection
  About general inspection of city planning original bill based on the regulations  
City schedule general inspection
  About general inspection of city schedule based on law  
City planning suggestion
  About introduction of city planning suggestion system and reading of proposal  
Council for Yokohama-shi city planning
  About the held situation of council for city planning and deliberation result