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With query for 1 architecture, development examination committee

As for the person with dissatisfaction, examination committee can state dissatisfaction for disposal of next a - c. Query means this system (cf. chart below).

Disposal (※) based on a Building Standard Act
Disposal (※) based on the b Town Planning and Zoning Act
Disposal do not be carried out for application based on c Building Standard Act or the Town Planning and Zoning Act (inaction); (※)

 When query is done, examination committee examines claim of both people concerned and performs decision for the query. When it is judged that disposal is illegal, the disposal concerned is canceled by decision.

(※) Please refer to "disposal targeted for 2 queries and making a statement".

Query image


Disposal targeted for 2 queries and making a statement


 Disposal to be able to make query into examination committee is street of the next table.

StatementDisposal that is targeted for querySpecific example
Building examination committee Disposal, inaction that is prescribed in Building Standard Act Article 94 Clause 1 preceding paragraph Building certification disposal, correction order
Development examination committee Disposal, inaction that is prescribed in Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 50 Clause 1 preceding paragraph Development permission disposal, planning permission disposal, jokyakumeirei

As query being possible and query ahead is listed when disposal is done in document, we can confirm there.


[attention 1]

 About inaction, query may be possible to the mayor or designated confirmation inspection engine other than examination committee.

[attention 2]

 It is rejection decision as thing that query is non-legitimate even if we temporarily perform query in the following cases even if it is disposal of upper table.

[attention 3]

 As the next disposal is not included in "target disposal" of upper table, we cannot do query to examination committee. When such a disposal includes dissatisfaction, please ask General Affairs Bureau legislation section.

■ Presentation of examination bill ■

The Yokohama-shi building examination committee secretariat or the Yokohama-shi development examination committee secretariat
(the person in charge of Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture inspection part legal affairs section examination)

The sixth floor of 3-56-1, Aioicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi JN building
Telephone 045-671-3594 FAX 045-664-2667


Period when 3 queries are possible


 You must do query within three months from the next day on day when you knew that you had disposal (Administrative Appeal Law Article 18 Clause 1).

 In addition, there is not query when one year passes from the next day on day when we had disposal (article Clause 2).

(※) As a general rule, query that was accomplished after it was past the period mentioned above becomes non-legitimate, and it is rejection decision.


Flow of 4 queries


 As a general rule, query discusses by letter.
 We receive presentation of document from examination claimant, both disposal agencies and, after oral examination (verbal trial), give a decision.

Flow of query procedure

※ Time to decision this "common question Q2"

Kind of 5 decision

How to write 6 examination bills


 In examination bill, you must fill in purpose of query and reason, presence of instruction of disposal agency and the contents, the date of query on day when you knew that there were disposal, disposal that full name, query of examination claimant require (Administrative Appeal Law Article 19 Clause 2).
 ※ In the case of inaction: Article Clause 3

 About institution, entry example "examination bill" to be like examination bill

※ When there are defects in examination bill, we may have you correct examination bill. Do not cause delay in procedure; please consult with Housing and Architecture Bureau legal affairs section (telephone 045-671-3594) to save before submitting examination bill.

7 and others


・Suspension of execution statement

 When we want to stop the execution of disposal as disposal shall remain in effect until it is canceled by decision and is treated even if we do query, it is necessary for suspension of execution to make a statement. The execution is stopped at time admitted that we need emergency to avoid the serious damage to occur by the execution of disposal.
(effect of building certification disposal continues even if we do query for building certification disposal until it is canceled by decision. In this case as effect of building certification disposal continues, construction continues and is performed. It is necessary for some cases to suffer serious damage to do suspension of execution statement by construction continuing.)

[reference] Glossary

[reference] FAQs

 Please see "common question" about contents with inquiry well from citizen's one.