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Earthquake resistance allied enterprise of wooden house, apartment


☆Wooden house allied enterprise

Wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person dispatch system

 Yokohama-shi makes "earthquake-resistant diagnosis" of wooden personal house free, and dispatches "wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person" whom the mayor authorized to citizen's hoping for earthquake-resistant diagnosis and investigates and supports earthquake proofing measures.

Wooden house earthquake proofing repair promotion business

 It is system that city assists some earthquake-resistant repair work expenses of wooden personal house.

Wooden house visit consultation business

 As a result of "earthquake-resistant diagnosis of Yokohama-shi," dispatch specialized counselor free, about explanation and repair plan summary, estimated cost of earthquake-resistant diagnosis result of home provide consultation.

The advice (video) of earthquake-resistant repair

 [including support system of conduct method and example, Yokohama-shi of the damaged situation and survivors experiences of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, structure that wooden house is worthy of earthquake, earthquake-resistant repair] We are assigned to this, and video introduces. 


In the disaster prevention beds, it is setting promotion business

 Targeting at elderly people living in house in Yokohama-shi, we assist some expenses to set up disaster prevention bed and earthquake-resistant shelter.

Special subtraction of income tax accompanied with earthquake-resistant repair and reduction measures of property tax

 Special subtraction of income tax, two promotion taxation system of reduction of property tax were established to promote earthquake-resistant repair of building.


☆Apartment allied enterprise

Apartment earthquake proofing diagnosis support project

 About "earthquake-resistant diagnosis of condominium," we perform preliminary diagnosis (simple diagnosis) with total amount burden of Yokohama-shi and are system that city assists a part of expense of this diagnosis (diagnostic work-up) more.

Apartment earthquake proofing visit consultation business

 Free, as a result of preliminary diagnosis of Yokohama-shi, dispatch counselor making a specialty of to twice for Residential Association of apartment which was diagnosed saying "there is the need of this diagnosis" (diagnostic work-up) and is system to give advice about summary of spare diagnosis result of apartment, method of this diagnosis (diagnostic work-up) and estimated cost and general earthquake proofing repair method.

Apartment earthquake proofing repair promotion business

 For Residential Association carrying out earthquake-resistant repair, it is system to assist a part for earthquake-resistant design costs and construction cost to promote earthquake-resistant repair of condominium.

Apartment stage repair promotion business

 It is system to assist a part for earthquake proofing design costs and construction cost for Residential Association which divides into twice, and carries out earthquake-resistant repair progressively to promote earthquake-resistant repair of condominium.