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Welcome to "Yokohama, ribuin"!

Summary of "Yokohama, ribuin" system     

◇Application qualification 

◇With the rent furtherance                 
◇Calculation method of income   

◇About rent, resident burden, grant, security deposit


◇Method, reference of application

◇Yokohama, ribuin table

Yokohama, ribuinno
When we are looking for vacant houses article
Please refer to hakochiraogo
Link to "Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation" homepage
Link to "jieieamenitihausu" homepage
Link to "power Ann limited" homepage


◆Summary of "Yokohama, ribuin" system


 It supplies Yokohama, ribuinha, excellent private lease house as public lease house, and is house based on law (law about promotion of supply of specific subsidized housing).


As 1 Yokohama, ribuinha, Yokohama-shi and country
perform assistance for rent reduction, rent burden of resident is reduced.



It is public lease house which 2 Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation and specific management corporation manage.



It is family house for 3 nucleus income earners.


 Person who is going to enter this house has constant income standard and qualification of application.


◇Application qualification


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