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◆We dispatch "apartment adviser"◆
... holiday, ... which dispatches expert in the field by night

In 1 first time (at the number of times in total), dispatch of adviser is received free!

To up to six times in 2 1, we dispatch adviser!

Please tell about 1 Yokohama-shi apartment adviser dispatch business.

 In addition to consultation at window, we dispatch expert to apartment Residential Association in holiday and the night to support appropriate maintenance and repair, rebuilding of condominium and are system to give advice.

※ Person whom we want to propose apartment adviser dispatch to is this

For 2 apartment advisers, what kind of; can talk?

(1) Consultation about appropriate maintenance of apartment
  • Consultation about management trust contracts
  • Consultation about financial affairs such as maintenance management fee, repair financial reserve
  • Consultation about establishment, administration of Residential Association, management terms
  • Consultation about development of long-term repair plan and large-scale repair
(2) Examination about repair, rebuilding of apartment
  • Examination about repair of apartment and earthquake-resistant improvement
  • Examination about rebuilding of apartment
 *As duties of adviser are not intended for the next duties, please be careful.
  • Precise measurement of building with measuring instruments, development of long-term repair plan, order of specifications making, quotation comparison diagnosis, construction and administrative tasks such as repair construction, introduction of supplier
  • Dispute solution and right adjustment with resident interval and around apartment resident

What kind of people are 3 apartment advisers?

 With qualifications such as first class authorized architect, apartment house manager, lawyer, we invite public participation for consultation correspondence that work experience is rich about apartment, and the Mayor of Yokohama registers as apartment adviser.

Yokohama-shi apartment adviser list (Portable Document Format, 237KB)
(this file is necessary to open PDF file.)

Please tell about time and expense of 4 dispatch consultation.

  • Consultation time is less than three hours each time.                         
  • As for the first time, consultation expense is free at the number of times in total, and it is 12,000 yen per once after the second.
  • The consultation number of times in 1 is to up to six times.

5 documents

[PDF]System summary (Portable Document Format, 224KB)                                             

Offer of ... 2017 was finished. Next offer is plan of 31. ...

◆It recruits "apartment advisers"◆ 

 In addition to window consultation, we perform business to dispatch expert to Residential Association in holiday, the night to support appropriate maintenance and repair, rebuilding of condominium in Yokohama-shi.
 Therefore, the next point recruits apartment advisers.

※ When, in one of registered adviser, registration update is hoped for now,
  Similarly, please apply by the following points.

1 qualification requirement
Next (1) and (2) which meets both conditions
  (limited to application of personal one.)

 (1) One that has work experience more than five years about apartment with any of the following qualification
   * First class authorized architect, building facilities person, ichikyukankojihodokoshikokanrigishi, first-class electric chief engineer
   * Apartment house manager
   * Administrative task chief person (when we do not work as management supplier, it is limited.)
   * Lawyer, judicial scrivener, certified public accountant, licensed tax accountant
 (2) It is person with the activity results in city residence, working or the city
    ※ We cannot perform business activity for apartment Residential Association of dispatch.

2 business contents
      Consultation about maintenance, management or repair, rebuilding of apartment from apartment Residential Association
  You are assigned to this and proceed to Residential Association, and please provide consultation once by less than three hours.

3 term
   Two years (from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019)

4 application methods
 Registration application which we downloaded from setting or our homepage in Housing and Architecture Bureau house reproduction section
 It is mail (it must arrive by May 31) or bringing after filling out required items in this to Housing and Architecture Bureau house reproduction section
   On application "Yokohama-shi apartment adviser dispatch business system summary" and "Yokohama-shi
  Please refer to the point about registration of apartment adviser.

   Registration application (Word form, 69KB)
  [PDF] Mention example of registration application (Portable Document Format, 458KB)
  [PDF] Yokohama-shi apartment adviser dispatch business system summary (Portable Document Format, 224KB)
  [PDF] The point (Portable Document Format, 464KB) about registration of Yokohama-shi apartment adviser

Subscription for 5 period
      From Wednesday, May 10, 2017 to Wednesday, May 31, 2017

6 choice methods
      It depends on documents examination.
     (we examine qualification requirements and decide the right or wrong of registration.)

  ※ We will tell the person about the right or wrong of registration directly. (plan of the middle of June)
  ※ On registration, please attend appointed class (on June 20, you are going to hold on 23rd).
  ※ List of muster roll and registrants (for reading) is released on homepage of Motoichi.





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