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The Yokohama-shi top > Housing and Architecture Bureau >  House part > Business, measure > We perform recruitment of companies of "local subsidized housing for elderly people"!

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 ■ Information for system 

    …What kind of person can enter in what kind of house?


List of local subsidized housings for elderly people

    … Where is it? Where should we ask?


 Flow until entering

    …We introduce flows from application to entering


■ About assistance to rent
    …About the rent furtherance for resident


■ List of people of administrative task

    …What manage local subsidized housing for elderly people?


 System summary

    …What is local subsidized housing system for elderly people?


 About 2018 company offer

    …We carry out recruitment of companies!  
■ Summary, the point, maintenance standard downloading

    …We can download summaries of system from this






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