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About door-built koiku teribuin 2017 company offer


 "Door-built koiku teribuin" is nickname of "local subsidized housing for Yokohama-shi child care households" in system based on "local subsidized housing system summary" of country.
 For child care household with a few incomes, Yokohama-shi authorizes private existing house considered child care including house and living environment and is system to support a part of rent.
 We extend "koiku teribuin" of a certain apartment house type, and approach to push forward child care support and vacant houses measures of single-family house at the same time recruits companies which can supply single-family house conventionally.
 In offer, we have you submit business schedule and choose schedule of business to have you devise supply plan using the offer number of houses as an indication from schedule that there was of application.

Press release document (Portable Document Format .424KB)

2.Time of reception desk period, the choice of "business schedule"

Reception desk period: From Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to Thursday, August 31, 2017 17:00 (was finished)
Time of the choice: After May, 2017 (plan)
※As when required documents includes defect, omission of entry, we may not accept,
Please submit with margin at time.

3.Reception desk place of "business schedule"

3-56-1, Aioicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi JN building the fourth floor Housing and Architecture Bureau Housing Policy Division
 ※Submission of documents, please turn on "person of administrative task" by all means.
  We do not take documents which do not go by way of person of administrative task.

4.The offer number of houses

Around 20 (as for the thing that improved maintenance costs assistance is unnecessary first-come-first-served basis)
One improved maintenance costs assistance frame

5. Offer essential point, application style downloading

  1. System guidance leaflet (Portable Document Format .790KB)
  2. Local subsidized housing "door-built koiku teribuin" for Yokohama-shi child care households system summary (Portable Document Format .433KB)
  3. Recruitment of local subsidized housing "door-built koiku teribuin" in 2017 for Yokohama-shi child care households companies essential point (Portable Document Format .716KB)
  4. About person of administrative task of local subsidized housing for Yokohama-shi child care households (Portable Document Format .653KB)
  5. Application style 1 (application (WORD form .31KB)
  6. Application style 2 (summary of application house) (WORD form .121KB)
  7. Application style 3 (proxy) (WORD form .34KB)
  8. Application style 4 (written consent) (WORD form .34KB)
  9. Application style 5 (list of vicinity rent) (EXCEL form .28KB)
  10. Application style 6 (report of the asset situation) (WORD form .30KB)