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Business, measure of Yokohama-shi about house

Consultation or reporting of house

Consultation about house, apartment

 It is information for house public and apartment-related consultation counter.

How square Yokohama

 It is center where all information about house which "Japanese house information interchange center" which is associated group of Yokohama-shi runs gathered.

Consultation counter Tokyu house and concierge Tama-Plaza terrace store of Yokohama-shi tie-up house of living

 As approach based on agreement about promotion of "next-generation suburbs town development" that Yokohama-shi and Tokyu Corporation concluded on April 18, 2012 "let consultation business about Tokyu house and house which concierge Tama-Plaza terrace shop and Yokohama-shi of living carry out cooperate in vicinity of northern part, Denentoshi Line area, and cope with consultation about citizen's house."

Yokohama-shi energy saving housing consultant registration system

 For the spread, promotion of energy saving house of new and existing house, it is system to register counselor giving information about energy saving house with for citizen.

Vacant houses measures (to page of Planning Planning Division)

 We introduce brochure to have you manage vacant houses appropriately, information for consultation counter, approach about vacant houses measures of Yokohama-shi.

Business in conjunction with elderly person

House registration system for elderly people with service

 It is system to register house of barrier-free structure to provide service to support elderly person in cooperation with care, medical care with.

Elderly person moving to promotion business

 We perform reporting of house and facility for advice and elderly people by counselor to support moving to another house of elderly person.  

Elderly person-adaptive design of a house

 We introduce "design guideline of the making of reliable house" for "making of reliable house" and suppliers for citizens who gathered point to keep in mind on designing house corresponding to aging.                

Apartment Residential Association support project


(1) Support in apartment maintenance

Consultation about house, apartment

 It is information for house public and apartment-related consultation counter.

Apartment Residential Association support center business

 Yokohama-shi collaborates with apartment affiliates such as NPO and performs holding (the morning of, as a general rule, first Sunday) of exchange meeting with expert and apartment Residential Association such as apartment house manager every month in each ward.

Apartment registration system

 We will expand apartment-related assistance measures in future and are system providing various information to help Residential Association by having you register the situation of apartment with Yokohama-shi.

Apartment adviser dispatch business

 In addition to past window consultation, it is system to dispatch expert in apartment Residential Association in holiday, the night to support appropriate maintenance and repair, rebuilding of condominium.

 (2) Support at the time of large-scale repair and rebuilding examination

Apartment reproduction support project

 Large-scale repair or rebuilding that apartment Residential Association performs are systems that Yokohama-shi assists some examination expenses about apartment reproduction.

Apartment earthquake proofing diagnosis support project

 We make preliminary diagnosis with total amount burden of Yokohama-shi about "earthquake-resistant diagnosis" of condominium and are system that city assists a part of expense of this diagnosis (diagnostic work-up) more. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

(3) Support in large-scale repair and rebuilding

Become apartment barrier-free; support project

 It is system that Yokohama-shi assists a part of barrier-free maintenance expenses such as step cancellation of corridor and common use part including stairs that apartment Residential Association performs. 

Apartment earthquake proofing repair promotion business

 It is system to support parts for construction cost for Residential Association carrying out earthquake-resistant repair to promote earthquake-resistant repair of condominium. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

Private building asbestos measures business

 It is system to support a part of expense to need for asbestos-containing investigation into apartment common use part, the removal of blowing asbestos. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

Apartment rebuilding promotion business

 For Residential Association which burden on conventional division owner produces at the time of apartment rebuilding, it is system to support parts for design expense and construction cost.

※ As for the details, I would like inquiry to house reproduction section (045-671-2954).

(4) Others

Guide of apartment management, reproduction

 Targeting at Residential Association, residents, we had you understand thing necessary for appropriate maintenance, management of apartment, and Yokohama-shi made as manual to have you be active for solution to the problem voluntarily.

Special subtraction of income tax with earthquake-resistant repair and reduction measures of property tax

 Special subtraction of income tax, two promotion taxation system of reduction of property tax were established to promote earthquake-resistant repair of building. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

Related business to door-built houses

Yokohama-shi de-warming model house promotion business

 For realization of society to carbonize low, Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation sells model housing as door with commuter pass lease-built house in a development project (we sell, and be built) for the purpose of deriving maintenance of model housing (door-built) for de-warming.                 

Wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person dispatch system

 Yokohama-shi makes "earthquake-resistant diagnosis" of wooden personal house free, and we dispatch "wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person" whom the mayor authorized to hoping citizen's and investigate and support earthquake proofing measures. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

Wooden house earthquake proofing repair promotion business

 It is system that city assists some earthquake-resistant repair work expenses of wooden personal house. (we move to page of Planning architecture Disaster Prevention Section)

Support projects such as Yokohama-shi house reforms

※ Acceptance of new application was finished on March 31, 2009.

Public house measure

The Municipal Housing designation manager system introduction situation

 It is information for designated manager system introduction situation of Municipal Housing.

 About open call for participants of designated manager of Municipal Housing, please see this.

3, Gontazaka, Hodogaya-ku residential land utilization business

 In 3, Gontazaka, Hodogaya-ku, it is business to plan effectively utilizing of possession land by private business person of open call for participants.

Person of administrative task of subsidized housing

 We appointed person of administrative task of "subsidized housing for Yokohama-shi elderly people" and "Yokohama, ribuin" (specific management corporation).
 18 companies are appointed now. (December 1, 2008)

Recruitment of management administration companies of pay-by-the-hour parking in Municipal Housing

 About recruitment of management administration companies of pay-by-the-hour parking in Municipal Housing, please see this.  

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