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Person who is looking for lease house, house in a development project

Public house

Public lease house guide

 It is revealed whether there are qualifications to public lease houses such as public housing or public corporation, apartment house built by the Japan Housing Corporation by Q&A.

Recruitment of residents of "Municipal Housing"

 Based on the government Housing Act, it is house for the purpose of supplying lease house of rent that has a high quality, and is cheapness for low-income person who is poor in house.

Recruitment of residents of "koiku teribuin"

 In excellent public lease house for child care household of low income which is poor in house, there is the reduction furtherance of rent by income of household.

Recruitment of residents of "Yokohama, ribuin"

 About high quality lease house which private landowners build, there is reduction assistance of rent in excellent public lease house for mid-sized income earners to live.

Recruitment of residents of "subsidized housing for Yokohama-shi elderly people"

 There is supporting system of rent reduction by income of household entered in high quality public lease house for elderly person whom private landowners build.

House of Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation

 We are doing information for house in a development project and lease house of Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation.

List of "public lease house" references

 Other than the above, we publish Prefecture Housing, prefecture housing corporation house, list of UR lease houses (old apartment house built by the Japan Housing Corporation).

Private house

Private house relief entering business

 It is purpose to increase opportunities of entering toward the elderly people who can do it of living a life that we became independent whom entering to private rental housing is declined to with saying by the reason of thing without guarantor.

 We started application for private house relief entering safety confirmation service experimental project acceptance.

 We raise private house relief entering business agreement guarantee companies. (as for the ⇐ details from this)

Yokohama-shi area child care support apartment

 In apartment for families in consideration for barrier-free and sound insulation characteristics, city authorizes thing attached to child care support facility for areas.

House for elderly people with service

 We show around lease house providing service to support elderly people such as safety confirmation or life consultation in house of barrier-free structure.

 Contents of facilities and offer service have various types. 

 (link to "house reporting system for elderly people with service" homepage)

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