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◆Housing and Architecture Bureau construction cost multiplication information◆

 In City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau, we devise the multiplication points in reference to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism "public building construction multiplication standard" and "public building construction common costs multiplication standard" about construction cost multiplication of construction except housing construction and, in information about this construction cost multiplication, announce the following. In addition, in Yokohama-shi, we multiply construction cost using repairs multiplication system (RIBC).

[constitution of construction cost]
We say thing which we added construction cost price and administrative expense to, thing which we added pure construction cost and thing which we added spot management fee to, construction cost direct with pure construction cost and common temporary construction costs to with construction cost price with thing which increased construction price and the amount of consumption tax equivalency, construction price with construction cost.
In addition, common costs mean general management and spot management fee and common temporary construction costs.
  (1) Common costs
 As for the common costs, "common temporary construction costs" consist of "spot management fee" and "administrative expenses" like upper figure, and ratio (rate) in these construction is street of rate list.
 Common costs of Yokohama-shi are decided in reference to "Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism public building construction common costs multiplication standard". .

  (2) Labor unit price
 Labor unit price depends on public construction design labor unit price setting in Yokohama-shi.
 Please refer to Motoichi Road and Highway Bureau homepage public construction design labor unit price list of "public works design, construction-related document" for labor unit price.

  (3) Materials unit price
 Materials unit price announcing is design materials unit price that Yokohama-shi investigates originally and set.
 About contents of publication, we can read in citizen's information center.
 In addition, we do not publish about "monthly construction prices" that are commercially available from Investigation Committee for construction prices and Investigation Committee for economy and price published in "monthly multiplication document".

  (4) The multiplication point, multiplication manual
 We publish the following multiplication points, multiplication manual with PDF file.
The multiplication point, multiplication manual Pages File size (kB)
 The building works multiplication point (May, 2018 revision) new  35     790
 The electric equipment construction multiplication point (May, 2018 revision) new  47      730   
 The machinery construction multiplication point (May, 2018 revision) new  70   1,557
 Building works multiplication manual (May, 2018 revision) new  110    1,817

    ※Version is published below in August, 2017.
     ・The multiplication pointBuilding worksElectric equipment constructionMachinery construction
  (5) About repairs multiplication system (RIBC)
 Repairs multiplication system is system to multiply using personal computer to multiply construction cost of public building. Building cost control system research institute develops this system and, including country, many local governments introduce and can use drawing office and construction construction company by rental now. But, among material unit price and hokakari rinadono multiplication data, it is necessary to maintain originally about data which are not published by country, the local government.
 In Yokohama-shi, we multiply construction cost using this system. For more details, please refer to homepage of building cost control system research institute.

  (6) About downloading of construction design book
 About construction design book which we can download from door of Yokohama, bid, we are doing only with PDF file in all city handling in total after June 1, 2013. Software such as Adobe Acrobat is necessary on conversion to Excel separately.

  (7) Construction multiplication itemized statement
 About multiplication itemized statement of Housing and Architecture Bureau construction that we contracted, we can read to price list in citizen's information center. [reading period is until the end of the month of the next month of) on successful bidder decision day (contract day.]

※If look at PDF (Portable Document Format), to have
"Acrobat Reader" (free) is necessary.

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