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Public building photo exhibition

 We started Yokohama-shi public building exhibition on November 2, 2017 in city hall the first floor citizen hall during November 17, 2017 in 2017.
 Thank you for arrival.

[the held situation]

Whole view

Whole view

Susukino community care plaza new construction (the right)
Konan Ward general Government building move new construction (the left)

Child nature park break management ridge new construction (the right)
Dongtai Elementary School enlargement and others construction (the left)

Construction such as former Kanto Local Finance Bureau seismic strengthening

Yokohama municipal subway Kannai Station improved construction (the right)
Yamashita-Futo harbor public welfare center (the center)
Minamihonmoku Wharf fifth block drainage processing facility construction (the left)

(tentative name) Nakamuramachi office west site facility new construction construction others (the right)
Refresh others (the left) of city school facility
[bureau concerned]
  ・Housing and Architecture Bureau community Building Department
  ・Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau facility section
  ・Port and Harbor Bureau maintenance and management section
  ・Water Works Bureau construction section
  ・Transportation Bureau Building Control Section
  ・Yokohama-shi building maintenance public corporation
[the secretariat]
  Housing and Architecture Bureau repairs Planning Division

 ■State of past public building exhibition
  2016 Yokohama-shi public building exhibition
  2015 Yokohama-shi public building exhibition
  2014 Yokohama-shi public building exhibition

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