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We set a limit to city planning restrictions, building

The Yokohama-shi building standard regulations

Yokohama-shi Building Standard Act handling standard

Downloading of application documents about building development

Guide of development permission by the Town Planning and Zoning Act

Duties information about bulletin

Public building construction cost multiplication information

Housing and Architecture Bureau open call for participants type ordering information

Important news 

July 14, 2017 [Housing and Architecture Bureau] Yokohama-shi ESCO business (open call for participants document correction of 20 business)
March 24, 2017 Summary (H29.3 rule revision) of opinion open call for participants result
March 17, 2017 About publication of result of earthquake-resistant diagnosis of emergency security confirmation large-scale construction thing required
March 03, 2017 About change of duties jurisdiction section with 2017 Housing and Architecture Bureau organization reorganization
November 29, 2016 House part reliable entering safety confirmation service offer
November 01, 2016 Information of Kumamoto earthquake survivors acceptance house
June 17, 2016 [please offer one with idea] About omission of subtraction of carrying forward subtraction in case of income authorization of Municipal Housing
June 15, 2016 Summary (H28.6 rule revision) of opinion open call for participants result
February 29, 2016 We devised measures plans such as Yokohama-shi vacant houses!
July 01, 2015 News of Housing and Architecture Bureau entering Building name change

List of latest information indication

August 01, 2017 Door-based koiku teribuin 2017 company about offer
July 11, 2017 In Municipal Housing blow; about use such as asbestos (asbestos)
July 05, 2017 About lottery result of April, 2017 Yokohama Municipal Housing
June 19, 2017 House for elderly people with Yokohama-shi service
June 09, 2017 About recruitment of companies of local subsidized housing for elderly people
June 08, 2017 We founded apartment, housing complex reproduction support system!
May 16, 2017 ◆ESCO-related information materials◆
May 12, 2017 We hold "eco-renovation academy special course" on Saturday, June 17!
April 20, 2017 About the report receipt from council for City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau sixth Yokohama-shi housing policy
April 05, 2017 [sustained possible residential area model project] Tama-Plaza Station north side district

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