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We set a limit to city planning restrictions, building

The Yokohama-shi building standard regulations

Yokohama-shi Building Standard Act handling standard

Downloading of application documents about building development

Guide of development permission by the Town Planning and Zoning Act

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Public building construction cost multiplication information

Housing and Architecture Bureau open call for participants type ordering information

Important news 

February 28, 2018 As a result of opinion open call for participants about development of "basic way of thinking about reproduction of Municipal Housing"
February 21, 2018 [offer] Housing and Architecture Bureau architecture inspection part violation measures section architecture investigation temporary worker
December 08, 2017 About conduct of open call for participants type proposal about "examination business consignment as for restricted zone reviews"
November 10, 2017 About revision of apartment standard management terms accompanied with establishment of the staying in house business method
March 24, 2017 Summary (H29.3 rule revision) of opinion open call for participants result
March 17, 2017 About publication of result of earthquake-resistant diagnosis of emergency security confirmation large-scale construction thing required
March 03, 2017 About change of duties jurisdiction section accompanied with 2017 Housing and Architecture Bureau organization reorganization
November 29, 2016 House part reliable entering safety confirmation service offer
November 01, 2016 Information of Kumamoto earthquake survivors acceptance house
June 17, 2016 [please offer one with idea] About omission of subtraction of carrying forward subtraction in case of income authorization of Municipal Housing

List of latest information indication

April 03, 2018 Opinion offer about revision of "the Yokohama-shi building standard regulations and the commentary"
April 03, 2018 The building environment seminar 2017 holding situation
April 02, 2018 We hold joint briefing session of supporting system about energy saving house on May 11, 12th!
April 02, 2018 Application acceptance start of supporting system about 2018 energy saving house!
April 02, 2018 [it revised!] Report system before large-scale land transaction in industrial accumulation area
April 02, 2018 [it revised summary] General adjustment (use of Yokohama-shi land general adjustment meeting) to affect use of land
April 01, 2018 We revised guide of the regulations about adjustment of Yokohama-shi development projects
April 01, 2018 We revised guide of residential land development
April 01, 2018 We revised guide of development permission by the Town Planning and Zoning Act
April 01, 2018 Yokohama-shi lease housing promotion plan

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