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Press release
Press release

We move the head office, factory to Japanese sea Peck's Yokohama!
[the advance results] Analytical instrument trading company of the field of American life science establishes Japanese subsidiary in Yokohama and it operates in earnest and starts! Orange science combination company
[the advance results] ICT company of the Vietnamese second place establishes Japanese subsidiary in Yokohama! CMC Japan
We authorize three business plans based on the firm location promotion regulations
[the advance results] Vietnamese software development company sets up Japanese subsidiary in Yokohama! NTQ Japan
We decide the establishment of research and development base in Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Yokohama, Minato Mirai 21 district!
We authorize six business plans based on the firm location promotion regulations newly!
[the advance results] Advanced single-crystal manufacturer establishes base in Yokohama in Germany! heruma material geemubeha
[the advance results] Hanger production company for Korea, clothes establishes representative office in Yokohama! mainetti (Korea) company
[the advance results] It operates in earnest in semiconductor production device connection company Yokohama, America and starts! ECI JAPAN
20 companies including Yokohama-shi growth industry location promotion subsidy program - IT company and foreign company were located in Yokohama-shi in ... 2016!
We move the head office to ZF Japan Yokohama!



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