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To all of you interested in entrepreneur, company

Woman entrepreneur promotion weeks to shine

  Woman entrepreneur played an active part as main base gathers Yokohama! We hold various events to have you feel product and service utilized sensitivity of flexible woman close in mark is Minato Mirai, Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza, Sogo Yokohama between from January 17, 2017 to February 28.


 With woman entrepreneur promotion business to glisten

  In cooperation with large commercial facilities, department store in Yokohama-shi, it is business for the purpose of new company promotion by publicizing recognition improvement by product sale, business PR of woman entrepreneur and achievement of woman entrepreneur.



Event summary :During from Tuesday, January 17 to Tuesday, February 28, we hold various events. This event was finished. Thank you.

◆1/17 opening event [view for free!]

 ※Opening event was finished. Thank you.

 You invite Kaori Sasaki that it is played an active part in the media, and please speak charm of company, support message to working woman.

 The date and time: Tuesday, January 17 from 18:30 to 19:30
 Place: Mark is Minato Mirai 1F ground galleria
 Mayor of opening message - Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
 Talk show ... E woman, president Kaori Sasaki 
Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi   Kaori Sasaki  


◆Held event during 1/17 - 2/26 period 

※Event during period was finished. Thank you.

Schedule Holding place Summary
From Tuesday, January 17 to 23rd (Mon) Mark is Minato Mirai Booth branch, workshop
From Friday, February 17 to 19th (Sun) Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza Booth branch, parent and child concert
On Sunday, February 19, it is (Sun) for 26 days  Sogo Yokohama Event seminar

※Event contents may be changed without notice.
We update the details at any time as soon as it is decided.

We updated person of <Sogo Yokohama event seminar going on the platform! > ※Seminar in Sogo Yokohama was finished. Thank you.
★List of people of event seminar going on the platform (on Sunday, February 19 26th (Sun))
※It becomes the first application system. Please inform Sogo Yokohama (prearranged telephone call connection 045-465-5886) of reservation.

Date Lecturer Seminar contents
February 19 11:00 ... Mr. Satoko Hirai
Beauty carrier laboratory representative director

To me who am more attractive than ... now ... "is not at a loss anymore! Department store cosmetics tour"

February 26 12:00 ... Mr. Tomoko Fujimoto
misodo representative director
Miso girl X administrative dietitian collaboration event "miso beauty seminar"

We updated person from <
Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza branch!>※Branches in Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza were finished. Thank you.
★List of booth branches (from Friday, February 17 to 19th (Sun)) @ B1F skip coat
※At branch time, we follow for business hours of principle Tokyu Department Store Tama Plaza. (closed at 19:00 on the last day)
※Branch contents may be changed without notice.

Company name Contents
Floral studio, Katsura Administration of flower classroom, water-soluble coating agent "garude" sell production such as frozen flowers,
Sale of flower decoration, gift item
Bambino Development and sales of cognitive education toy "child cards 1to10"
Case de Luz-candle house- Administration of production, sale, classroom of candle
Fiore di Pesca Production, sale of handmade accessories
Peace Pearl We work on production, sale of pearl accessories, woman support through place of accessories production
M color design Fashion styling that utilized frame analysis of 16 types of personal colors, image consulting
serendipiti trading Sale of shea butter-based skin care product from Uganda

  ★Parent and child concert (Saturday, February 18) @ 1F center court
  ※Twice holding of 11:00 ..., 14:00 ...
Company name Business outline
NPO corporation happy mother music We hold concert and lesson for infants parent and child  

We updated person from branch of <mark is Minato Mirai!>※Branch in mark is was finished. Thank you.
※Branch contents may be changed without notice.
※The time required of workshop varies according to store.

★Atelier of all booth branch list (from Tuesday, January 17 to 23rd (Mon)) @ 1F
※At branch time, we follow for business hours of principle mark is Minato Mirai.

Store's name Contents
serendipiti trading Shea butter-based humidity retention cream from Uganda and sale of soap
Yokohama silk cloth temple (Yokohama KEMP) Sale of kimono remake miscellaneous goods, remake consultation of kimono you have
Bambino "child cards 1to10" Sale of cognitive education toy "child cards 1to10"
It is ... by power of ... color wealthily in days 
M color design
Introduction of personal styling service that utilized personal color diagnosis and frame analysis
Fiore di Pesca
Handmade accessories ... from ... Belgium
Sale of handmade jewelry based on texture that we got from how to live in Belgium
1Day Nail Sale of original nail seal and handmade accessories

★Workshop branch list (from Friday, January 20 to 22nd (Sun)) @ 3F green way
※Workshop holding time is three part system of 3:00 at 13:00 at 11:00.

 The date Workshop name Contents
20th (Fri)
... 22nd (Sun)
Flower arrangement girl who wants you to begin Simple "flower arrangement" using 2-3 flower arrangement experience workshop
21st (Sat)
... 22nd (Sun)
Let' sTry tea ceremony Tea ceremony experience workshop at table having you make Matcha using tea service sets such as bamboo tea whisk or tea ladle
20th (Fri)
... 22nd (Sun)
Casa de Luz Workshop of botanikarukyandoru & sachet

◆2/28 closing event (prior application system: pay) [under offer!]

※Closing event was finished. Thank you.
 It is woman entrepreneur, exchange meeting (party) of women interested in company. The person in charge of commercial facilities, department store is going to participate on the day, too.
 The date and time: Tuesday, February 28 from 18:00 to 19:00
 Place: Mark is Minato Mirai 4F La Mer puraru
 Fee: 5,000 yen ※It is paid on the day at meeting place reception desk
 Application: In specifying the name, occupation (company name), contact information connected in the daytime in E-mail(
     Please send. We send receptionist vote for less than seven days (excluded for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, from December 29 to January 3). Even if seven days pass; notification
     When there is not, sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact the following reference.
     <reference of closing event>
       Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section Tel 045-671-3828 Fax 045-664-4867
       (we remove 12/29 - 1/3 on ※ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from 9:00 to 17:00 reception hours.)



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