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Chuo, Yokohama-shi wholesale market


Important news

We abolished Nambushijo for the Central Wholesale Market in the end of March, 2015 and privatized and became "Yokohama Nambushijo" from April. Processing, delivery bases such as perishables supplementing the home sequentially and flower come and are open as local wholesale market. About utilization of Nambushijo ruins, please see this.

What's New

Notice [fresh link] shunsaishunka, NEW where we placed fresh seasonal fish information in (H29 .12.1 update) of December 
Interchange [market citizen opening] NEW where we placed holding information of December 2 in (H29 .11.28 update)
Notice We published calendar in rest open market day in 2018 (H29 .10.10 update)
Notice We had homepage of Yokohama meat market PR hall! (H29 .9.6 update)
Notice "We are, and professional of market carries out Chiba food education delivery service class"! (H29 .9.1 update) 
Notice Home fisheries ridge is reborn (H28 .3.10 update)



Reorganization, functional enhancement of Chuo, Yokohama-shi wholesale market

In Yokohama-shi, it is Chuo, Yokohama-shi wholesale market home and NambushijoAt nitsuite, the present, we work on functional enhancement in response to adequacy of scale and needs such as customer or consumers.
※We abolished Nambushijo for the Central Wholesale Market in the end of March, 2015.

Turnout creation of Yokohama Nambushijo

We guide about turnout creation of Yokohama Nambushijo.

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