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Member of living, consumer life consultationOf this of the inside consumer life promotion system of Economic Affairs Bureau topOf this of the inside consumers

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Member of consumer life promotion system

Living of consumers

Member of consumer life promotion

Member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion

We entrust with member of consumer life promotion to promote independent activity of consumers based on "the Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations" in Yokohama-shi, and to plan promotion of comfortable consumer life by civic security.
※Term is two years.

Activity of member of consumer life promotion

  • District activity
    As a general rule, we do range of living alliance Neighborhood Associations with district and fate, territory and form group with all the members of consumer life promotion in district and are active as group. In cooperation with local Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations in district of the spread, enlightenment (consumers damage prevent holding of enlightenment course about extended prevention) to area of knowledge, information about consumer life and local elderly person watch, and perform participation, consumers and exchange promotion of company for activity.
  • Others
    We perform conduct such as lecture by cooperation with information exchange, ward of member of consumer life promotion phase each other and participation, ward to the training that city carries out and city, announcement activity.

Member of 2017, 2018 consumer life promotion activity guidebook

29, Heisei 30 consumer life promotion activity guidebook cover

[activity example of member of consumer life promotion]
 Activity casebook introduces a part of the various achievement. 

Member of consumer life promotion activity casebook 3 <PDF: 2,102KB>October, 2012 issuance 

pdfMember of consumer life promotion activity casebook 1 <PDF: 1,319KB>November, 2010 issuance
pdfMember of consumer life promotion activity casebook 2 <PDF: 2,767KB>March, 2011 issuance

[activity in each ward]

The training of member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion

It is entrusted member of consumer life promotion, and activity for 2 years begins in April with friends of alliance district. "What as for the role of member of promotion" "We will carry out what kind of activity" We hold "the skill up training" for member of promotion that eyes continue "the incomer training" and "the step-up training" in Economic Affairs Bureau more for 2.3 quarters, and it is active by of new "member of consumer life promotion" holding "can you really do enlightenment course to prevent damage in area in oneself?" and various expectation and uneasiness.

  As for the step-up training (basic crochet), main in members of promotion of each ward new appointment by contents learning the current situation of consumers damage and enlightenment method to see, and to learn point of defense, and local, to prevent damage; intend, and carry out.
 We learn something with basic knowledge (Basic Law for consumers, Consumer Contract Law, Specified Commercial Transactions Law) and consumers civil society of contract and carry out the skill up training (technical knowledge) by contents learning technical knowledge to affect consumer life.


 -Member of Yokohama-shi consumer life promotion is active in various wards to plan realization of comfortable consumer life by security. -


The ward nameTelephoneFAXOthersThe ward nameTelephoneFAXOthers
Tsurumi Ward 510-1692 510-1892   Midori Ward 930-2233 930-2242  
Naka Ward 224-8132 224-8215   Aoba Ward 978-2291 978-2413  
Minami Ward 341-1236 341-1240   Tsuzuki Ward   948-2241 948-2239  
Konan Ward 847-8391 842-8193   Totsuka Ward 866-8413 864-1933  
Asahi Ward 954-6092 955-3341   Sakae Ward 894-8392 894-3099  
Isogo Ward 750-2392 750-2534   Izumi Ward 800-2391 800-2507   
Kohoku Ward 540-2244 540-2245   Seya Ward 367-5692 367-4423   


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