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About consultation about "harenohi"

Please be careful about the second damage!

 Which "we do not get on talk of damage relief easily", please warn "we do not accept content of notes such as the Internet" second damage.
 Like this "harenohi" damage, the second damage from vicious company taking advantage of feelings of victim is more likely to occur about case that was greatly taken up by media.
 If there is anxious point by some kind of invitation about this matter, please consult with consumer life synthesis center.

Representative example of the second damage

  • The contract-related second damage
     We signed on rental and front knob rino of gorgeous kimono with gorgeous kimono company to "be able to rent gorgeous kimono at a bargain price" newly, but rate that was actually than rate that received explanation beforehand requested was large.
  • The second damage by access to site
     When unfamiliar expensive request screen was displayed suddenly if we clicked URL of supplier information to place in site and we referred to supplier and called, we have told own personal information.

The details of news such as Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center homepages

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center website
About "trouble of long-sleeved kimono company" "harenohi"


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