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About fiction request that is going to let pay money under the name of unpaid rate of paid video using living, consumer life consultationOf this of the inside SMS of Economic Affairs Bureau topOf this of the inside consumers alert

To citizen's all of you

About imaginary request that is going to let pay money under the name of unpaid rate of paid video using SMS alert

Living of consumers


 "Unpaid rate of paid video incurs to after June, 2015, cell-phone of consumers. It shifts to case, legal procedure without notification by the end of today. We send Amazon ○○." and SMS (short message service) (note 1) which we listed, and "customer uses video site called ○○, and we are considered vicious user of rate nonpayment, and request goes up." to consumers who contacted phone number listed in SMS Tell, "shift to civil trial, if do not pay by the end of today.", and consultation modifying company which is going to let pay money under the name of nonpayment rate of paid video is put to Consumer Centers of each place; and just lightly.
  Because we confirmed act (in consumers deceit or intimidating, and confounding) that might hurt its profit of consumers in business with Amazon Japan combination company or company (called "company talking about the Amazon" as follows.) talking about the company concerned unfairly when Consumer Affairs Agency and Tokyo jointly investigate, Consumer Affairs Agency announces information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on rule of consumers security law (2009 law 50th) Article 38 Clause 1 and appeals to consumers for attention.

(note 1) Message service to do cell-phone number in address not e-mail address, and to transmit and receive

The existing Amazons are totally unrelated to this matter.

Advice to consumers

    • It is trick of fraud to pay unpaid rate of the Amazon using SMS. It will prevent you from certainly accepting such a demand.
       Company performing fraudulent act may talk about the names such as companies. Let's confirm contents of story well without trusting easily because we are familiar for the names such as companies.
    • SMS to "shift to legal procedure without communication by the end of today." is trick of typical fraud. It will absolutely prevent you from contacting.
       When shift to legal procedures such as suit is planned, it is common that written notice is accomplished beforehand. SMS such as the said article threatens partner and is trick of typical fraud to say to hurry up, and to extinguish calm judgement.
    • It is trick of typical fraud we purchase gift coupon, and to inform of the number. It will absolutely prevent you from accepting.
       This matter is thing with Amazon gift coupon, but about similar trick in Consumer Affairs Agency for several degrees alert. In addition, as well as unpaid rate name of pay video site, fraud of trick to get gift coupon number strides and appeals to issuance of National Life Center and gift coupon companies for attention.
      We are careful about fraud suppliers ordering the purchase of prepaid card! (National Life Center homepage)
    • It may prevent you from hanging up the connected telephone once. We hang up once without accepting, and let's talk with consultation counter of mention at neighboring people and end.
       This gives time to think to consumers and is trick preventing you from being reported to public institution on the telephone.

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