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About alerting with recall about TDK Co.,Ltd. humidifier

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About collection of humidifier which TDK Corporation sold
It might lead to fire accident!

 By humidifier which TDK Co.,Ltd. sold, bad smell burnt, and accident such as fume occurred, and the company carried out collection of the product concerned by distribution of newspaper insert handbill with publication to newspaper company announcement in 1999 to plan prevention of recurrence. However, on February 8, 2013, fire fatal accident to be damaged by a fire produced humidifier (steam type) which the company produced and the outskirts in group home of Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki.
 From this, we alerted collection, product for consumers, and, on March 13, 2013, prevention of necessary harm order of taking measures of was delivered about applicable product based on rule of safety law for everyday consumer goods Article 39 Clause 1 for the company by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
 We receive these and, in TDK Co.,Ltd., perform taking care of of the applicable product. We have you confirm humidifier of use, and I would like notification to toll free number (free) of TDK Co.,Ltd. once now when there is idea to product.

[target product] ※There is indication in model name on label of the body backside.

Model Sale period JAN cord
KS-500H From September, 1998 to January, 1999  4902030074050
KS-300W 4902030074043
KS-31W From August, 1993 to March, 1994 4902030070762
KS-32G 4902030070755

 ●We are found in closet, storeroom, warehouse.

 ●We may use without elderly person noticing.
 ●When you have the product concerned, we cancel use immediately, and I would like notification to TDK Co.,Ltd.

[reference of TDK Co.,Ltd.]
 Toll free number (humidifier Customer Relations) for exclusive use of collection
 ※Reception hours from 9:00 to 19:00 (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
 HP (
 Handbill (looking for humidifier of TDK) <PDF: 935KB>

The details of news of various homepages

  * Recall information site (Consumer Affairs Agency HP)
   (1) TDK steam type humidifier "Yuge in steam master KS-500H, KS-300W"
   (2) TDK steam type humidifier "Yuge in steam master KS-31W, KS-32G"

  * Prevention of harm order (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP) based on safety law for everyday consumer goods Article 39 Clause 1 for TDK Co.,Ltd.

  * Information (National Life Center HP) such as collection, gratuitous repair


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