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Toy and vehicle for child will be careful about safety!

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Toy and vehicle for child will be careful about safety!
When, at time such as ... Christmas, purchase present; attention ...

 Opportunities to give child new toy or vehicle increase on greeting Christmas and the New Year. Because child plays without accident happily safely, please note the following point in particular.

・ When we choose safe toy, let's take having ST mark or not into account.
・ Let's choose toy which fitted age of child.
・ We are in danger of young child putting small parts in the mouth by mistake, and suffocating. Elder elder brother and elder sisters will be careful about idle toy.

<vehicle for children>
・ Vehicles such as bicycle for infant, kick skater or two pedalless playground equipments note how to get on or play place and will let you wear protective gears such as helmets.

・ Button batteries and magnet may suffer from serious symptom when we swallow and are particularly in danger. Even other than toy, let's be careful about the handling of product using button batteries enough.


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