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Let's be careful about fall accidents doing shopping in living, consumer life consultationOf the whole no store, commercial facilities of Economic Affairs Bureau topOf the whole no consumers!

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Let's be careful about fall accidents doing shopping in store, commercial facilities!

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From Consumer Affairs Agency alert

Let's be careful about fall accidents doing shopping in store, commercial facilities!
Shopping of ... December, Christmas, New Year holidays is ... with caution

 845 accident information in store, commercial facilities of consumers is sent to Consumer Affairs Agency. Of these, 602 cases more than 70% are fall accidents that got up by is slippery during shopping, tripping.
 Consumers pay attention to wet floor, step and irregularities, steps such as product boxes put on floor and surrounding during shopping and will prevent you from encountering fall accident. At coming time, it is that become frequent that we do shopping for Christmas and the year-end and New Year holidays and is in particular to watch out.
 Fall accident more than 30% suffers injuries more than one month during treatment period including bone fracture. When there was unexpected change in step and the neighborhood as it becomes old, the correspondence is apt to be late. As expert gave comment about the fall prevention to, let's refer to.
 We asked for common knowledge to member so that trade group concerned had consumers by shopping safely to have you cooperated about consideration to security of which had brisk safe check and prompt safety measures and elderly person and obstacle and wrestle. 

 During <shopping, such a place is careful!>
(1) We are careful about falling objects such as the water wet or vegetables of floor
● Rain and store entrance of snowy day get floor wet. When it changes from mat to wet floor, we often slip particularly attention is necessary.
● On neighboring floors such as fresh fish corner, frozen case, ice machine, case and ice getting wet may fall and become slippery.
● Floor in front of side dish corner becomes dirty with oil of cooking and may become easy to glide.
● At fruits and vegetables corner, vegetable parings may fall into floor and may slip when they stamped.

(2) We are careful about product and carts put on step and floor of step
● Entrance of road surface and restroom private room of the neighborhood of entrance of shop may become step.
● We may trip on border of mat spread in entrance and sales floor section.
● In small passage, attention is necessary for product which stuck out from shelf and product box put on floor.

(3) We are careful about movement of cart for shopping cart and baggage conveying
● Salesclerk is conveying cart and product for baggage and may be collided.

(4) We are careful about covers of road surface and manhole and gutter of parking lot
● Irregularities may be on road surface of parking lot. In addition, cover of manhole and gutter may slip off. It may be hard to notice particularly at night.

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