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2018 design seminar & design conference

 We hold free design seminar and design conference targeting at people of medium and small-sized business in Yokohama-shi. At this opportunity, please consult about trouble of design which we are usually worried about including how to make product flyers and shooting method of camera, product design and shape, advertising method by all means.


 Friday, September 14, 2018 reception desk 13:00 start 13:30


Holding place

 City of Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward   large 1 meeting room on the fifth floor



 Medium and small-sized business in Yokohama-shi


Entrance fee

 Free of charge


Participation application time limit

 Tuesday, September 4, 2018 


Application method

 You fill in application of the following PDF2 page eyes with required items, and please send to our center in FAX or e-mail.
pdfDesign seminar & free of charge design conference <Friday, September 14 >(pdf form, 679kB)


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