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Child adventure

 We will tell about program that engineering support center carries out with "child adventure" that Yokohama-shi, City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat host in this page.
We  look forward to your participation.

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2018 child adventure 2018 conduct report


  We carried out child adventure "IoT manufacturing experience" in (Fri), Yokohama-shi engineering support center on 17th on Thursday, August 16, 2018. Capacity was 32 people, but we had a large number of applications of 154 and should have drawn lots this year. I am sorry in all of you, the truth that were not able to participate.

With "IoT manufacturing experience"

  It is intended to have children experience much-talked-about IoT.
  Using small PC "raspberry pie," we did experience that participant put image analysis machine using AI together into. We photographed samples which we molded with 3D printer of our center with camera of image analysis machine and carried out experience to have AI answer.

State on the day

  "Small PC necessary for IoT," "programming" had participants experience along a series of flows about "AI" "electronic work". "Resistance" that we used by electronic work was able to learn about electronic parts such as "supersonic waves sensors".
All of you who had you participate, thank you very much.

Small PC raspberry pie It looks like before assembling Under assembling State 1 during event State 2 during event State 3 during event State 4 during event


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