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We carry out in 2018 in Kanagawa science summer and report

We  carry out approach to have children carrying the future know scientific pleasure while young "technology detached room" "loss of interest in science" is pointed out in engineering support center.
 We will tell about program that engineering support center carries out in "Kanagawa science summer" of Kanagawa sponsorship in this page.
We look forward to your participation.

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We carry out in Kanagawa science summer in 2018 (the 18th) and report

2018 Kanagawa science summer
Mini-sled challenge!

  On Thursday, August 9, 2018, we carried out "mini-sled challenge!" in Yokohama-shi engineering support center. Capacity was 20 people, but we had nearly 40 people, a large number of applications and should have drawn lots this year on account of materials and the space. I am sorry in all of you, the truth that were not able to participate.

Mini-sled challenge! With this
  With idea as form, we think by program to compete together by team and share and raise idea. It is contents that idea of manufacturing that we regard size as form by team and make sled from selection of material to make it easy to glide by sled and we find out problems and improve is raised.
  We put Pilot to put on sled which we prepared somewhere by all means and let rule slide not what let you roll. We consider freely afterward and cooperate by team, and rule makes sled slippery earlier than which team only with this!

We learn friction

  We had you study "friction" to let sled slide fast. Based on examples such as brakes of curling and bicycle, we chose materials and had you sense bodily how you slipped when you actually used.

At first it is thinking mini-ceanothus range photograph 1_
Let's look at mini-ceanothus range photograph 2_ product

Mini-sled tournament Go!

Mini-ceanothus range photograph 3_ iza game!Mini-ceanothus range photograph 4_ tournament listMini-ceanothus range photograph 5_ championship team "yatasae"

  Typhoon came close and could hold or it was worry, but wind became weak and was able to participate in safely when it was the afternoon. Thank you very much.



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