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Under recruitment of "Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex promotion business" trustees!

"Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex promotion business"

We raise trust companies!

This business analyzes strengths of the area through analyses such as statistics data concerned using new name to express area again and measures recognition, image improvement of Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu by performing promotion using medium most suitable for object which we want to solicit using them and technique and is thing for the purpose of connecting with realization of "industry housing complex which working attractive people who kept company accumulation alive gather" which we have and established for "Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry activation plan".
 Because we want to give effective effect-like business result in what we take in idea of company, group having specialized knowledge, know-how about Blanding performing by area and collaboration and effective promotion and carry out in conduct of business, we adopt open call for participants type proposal system to decide the other party of contract by evaluation of proposal submitted by company, group.

1 business content

 (1) Development of promotion plan (roadmap) that area is independent and works on on the basis of analyses such as existing statistics data and discussion of Blanding Exploratory Committee, decided name

 (2) Holding of name decision event

 (3) Conduct of promotion that involved related organizations and making such as necessary tools

 (4) Duties to affect communalization of business progress and effective administration

 (5) In addition, duties that we agreed between consignor, trustees separately

2 qualifications

  We assume person meeting all next items.

 (1) In "Yokohama-shi public competitive bidding qualified person list in 2017, 2018" as line of business

   Oh, registering "advertisement" within the third place

   We register i "various investigation plans" and registering B "consulting" (except construction consultants) as item of line of business

   We register cormorant "event plan administration" and registering C "event plan" and D "event administration" as item of line of business or in fact screening application being, and registration completing trustee at presentation of bid participation intention proposal book by date to be decided.

 (2) "Yokohama-shi public competition participation stop and nomination stop being people who do not receive stop measures by rule of measures summary" (April 1, 2004) from deadline for presentation of proposal participation intention proposal book to specific day of trustee.

 (3) Being person who does not correspond to 4 rules of Local Government Act enforcement order (1947 government ordinance 16th) Article 167.

3 open call for participants documents

 (1)  The conduct point (pdf 245kb)

 (2)  Duties explanation document (pdf 264kb)

 (3)  The proposal making point (pdf 269kb)

 (4)  Style (word 49kb)

 (5)  Evaluation standard (pdf 112kb)

 ※Please confirm documents of (1) - (5) mentioned above by all means.


Reception desk (mail or bringing) of 4 participation intention proposal book

 (1) Presentation documents

   One copy of participation intention proposal book (attached sheet 1)

   ※After the confirmation of participation qualification, we notify of result with "suggestion qualification confirmation result letter of advice" (style 2).

 (2) Deadline for presentation

  It must arrive by 17:00 on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

 (3) Presentation

  Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section

  〒The fifth floor of 231-0016 2-22, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building

  Telephone 045-671-2597

 (4) Presentation method

  Mail or bringing


Reception desk of 5 written inquiries

 (1) Presentation documents

   Written inquiry (attached sheet 2)

 (2) Deadline for presentation

  It must arrive by 17:00 on Friday, October 10, 2017

 (3) Presentation


 (4) Presentation method

  E-mail (transmission form assumes text format, and written inquiry, please assume only letter input) in Microsoft Word or text file (required items as attached file.)

 (5) Answer day and method

  We publish in homepage (the following URLs) of Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section after 17:00 on Thursday, October 12, 2017.


Reception desk of 6 proposals

 (1) Presentation documents

  Oh, proposal (style 1, 2-1, 2-2, 3, 4)

  Document about i participant

  (a) Company profile (as for the style, free)

  (i) Tax payment certificate (we understand having consumption tax, local consumption tax and city tax delinquency or not. Copying of thing) within three months after effect


 (2) Presentation period

  Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 9:00 to 17:00 (must arrive)

 (3) Presentation

  It is the same as 3(3) mentioned above

 (4) The presentation number of copies

  Eight copies (we clip duplex printing, double)

 (5) Presentation method

  Mail or bringing

  Please specify with "Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex promotion business proposal proposal" in rubrication on the packing surface by all means.
  In the case of mail, please assume simple registered mail. In addition, we do not accept by Wednesday, October 25, 2017 17:00 when there is not delivery.

 (6) Others

  Other than predetermined style and the supplementary material, we do not accept about documents irrelevant to this proposal.


Conduct of 7 hearing

 (1) The conduct date and time

   Wednesday, November 1, 2017 (plan).
   We will tell with proposal dossier presentation request book (style 5) to send later separately.

 (2) Conduct place

   Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau meeting room

   The fourth floor of location 〒 231-0016 2-22, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building

 (3) Attendant

   Please assume less than three people including manager for generalization.

 (4) Hearing method

   Based on proposal which had you submit beforehand, we have you explain and perform hearing from evaluation Committee.

   In this case with monitors cannot display. In addition, proposal does not have mention; is new; cannot suggest.

   But the presentation of simple document supplementing suggestion contents accepts.

8 reference materials

  Proposal conduct handling summary (Portable Document Format, 136KB) about Yokohama-shi trust
  Trust contract article (Portable Document Format, 318KB)
  Personal information handling Important Notice (Portable Document Format, 211KB)
  Information handling Important Notice (Portable Document Format, 267KB) about contracts such as computer processing

9 references

 Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section charge: Maruyama, Sugano
 The fifth floor of 2-22, Masagocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building
 TEL: 045-671-2597 FAX: 045-664-4867


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