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The Economic Affairs Bureau top>To one, employees who are looking for work>We work in Yokohama

To all of you who are looking for work in Yokohama

"We work in Yokohama! We released very much job offer feature to support Hama!

It is logo mark. 
 Yokohama-shi begins new job offer measures to support securing of human resources of medium and small-sized business.
 We establish medium and small-sized business op-ed page in Yokohama-shi to job offer search site "standby" of biz reach with the results for securing of human resources of the local government.
 In op-ed page, we send position offer information of attractive medium and small-sized business to all of you who are looking for work in the city including job hopper.
 As it is full of position offer informations of shining medium and small-sized business, please see!

[in the op-ed page this]

"Let's work in Yokohama! Job offer feature to support Hama!" It is top image.                                                      
[Mayor of Fumiko Hayashi Yokohama comment]
 99.6% of offices in Yokohama-shi are medium and small-sized businesses and support Yokohama economy powerfully. In addition,
Employees push forward environmental maintenance that many companies are easy to act on so that mind and body play an active part in good health together.
 Through this job offer feature, charm of working in medium and small-sized business in Yokohama-shi is handed down to many people and works with all of companies
We pray for good encounter occurring in in various places for both sides that he/she is looking for this heartily.


Characteristic of "job offer feature to support Hama!"

It is full of position offer informations of shining medium and small-sized business!

You are performed "talent scout" of!

Employment support information of Yokohama-shi sends, too! 

[site establishment period]
 From July 31, 2018 to March 31, 2019

[delivering application!]

     Downloading is this◆

   It is QR code (for android)   It is QA cord (for iOS)
    Android application      iOS application

[press release]
 Press release document of op-ed page exhibition is this
 Press release document of application delivery start is this

 Downloading of flyer this (can download flyer of application from this, too.)

[toward the company]
 ・Publication application is this
 ・The details of the third employment matching exchange meeting are this
  (we work in the held smart workplace which said that it is smart on February 5)


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