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Reports which affect laws and ordinances (law, the regulations, rule)-relatedOf this of the inside laws and ordinances (law, the regulations, rule) toOf this of the inside all of Economic Affairs Bureau topOf this of the inside companies

- laws and ordinances (law, the regulations, rule) are related to all of companies

Reports about laws and ordinances (law, the regulations, rule)

Report system about Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law Based on "Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law," it is report which is necessary when we perform branch of large-scale retail store, change of store contents. City department in charge commerce promotion section
TEL: 045-671-3485
Report system about the factory location method We tell setting of factory where is higher than constant scale and are liable to be performed appropriately while factory location plans environmental conservation. City department in charge company invitation, location section
TEL: 045-671-2590
Report systems of apartment house architecture guidepost of industrial districts When we build apartment houses in plottage more than 500 square meters in industrial districts determined by the Town Planning and Zoning Act, we ask the master of building for neighboring factories and procedure for the agreement conclusion. City department in charge manufacturing support section
TEL: 045-671-2597
Prior report system of land transaction in industrial accumulation area
(to Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage)
When we trade large-scale land in city industry accumulation area, we ask for prior report. City department in charge Housing and Architecture Bureau Planning Division
TEL: 045-671-3628
City department in charge company invitation, location section
TEL: 045-671-2594
Periodical inspection system of scales When company uses scales (mass meter) for business, proof based on regulations of measurement, it is necessary to be examined regularly.  Examination of city department in charge consumption economy section measurement place
TEL: 045-671-2587, 2588
The business cooperative association establishment authorization When we establish business cooperative association, syndicate, co-operation association, mall promotion association, the authorization is necessary. City department in charge management, founding support section
TEL: 045-671-3492


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