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"We start I, the second TOP Yokohama "house project of the future" proof experiment!


Press release document
June 11, 2018
Economic Affairs Bureau new industry creation section manager
   Hideaki Takagi telephone 045-671-3913
Climate Change Policy Headquarters environment city of the future promotion section's project manager
   Naoko Okage telephone 045-671-2477
Housing and Architecture Bureau house reproduction section's project manager 
   Yukinori Takeshita    Telephone 045-671-4458







I▫TOP Yokohama "future house project"

We start the second proof experiment!

 We support comfortable living, and I, TOP Yokohama "future house project" aiming at correspondence of future society problem starts the second based on proof experiment that we carried out in Asahi Ward for the purpose of data collection of living environment from December, 2017 to February, 2018 in Ryokuen, Izumi-ku.
 We increase green blue company, SANWA SHUTTER CORPORATION, Shiseido Co., Ltd., TOPPAN PRINTING Co., Ltd., foo.log as new member this time and plan expansion of facilities and extensive data collection and demand more substantial result.


Summary of proof experiment
1.Contents of proof experiment 
Have live a usual life at    IoT smart home one week, of subject in approximately experiment
 We perform evaluation, inspection about change of state, consciousness change, action transformation.
  Proof period: From Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to Monday, September 24, 2018 
      ※ After person agreement, data which collected become anonymity; and of future proof experiment refer to. 

2.Additional element from the last experiment
   Position sensing and apparatus control with IoT building materials, meal advice based on content that we assimilated,
  We add beauty device, environmental measurement device and IoT shutter newly

  4-3-28, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-shi Sotetsu Cultural Center site




Press release document


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