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We relocate the head office, factory to SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd Yokohama in Economic Affairs Bureau topOf this of the inside press releaseOf this of the inside 2017Of this of the inside!

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We relocate the head office, factory to SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd Yokohama!

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October 12, 2017
Business Development Division Economic Affairs Bureau


We relocate the head office, factory to SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd Yokohama!

 Including Europe, SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd which was Japanese subsidiary of SEEPEX GmbH doing development and production in the United States, the above-mentioned Progressive cavity pump used on the site including Asia of the world in 70 countries started move, business in the head office and factory in Yokohama from Atsugi.
 In addition, in Yokohama-shi advance of the company, we are applying for Yokohama City's Business Location Incentive Program for Growth Industries.

SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd
Duties start September 11, 2017
The location 1-18-2, Hakusan, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi German Industry Park
Representative Representative director Takayuki Soejima
The number of the employees 14 people
Establishment December 4, 2006
Business content Development, import, production of Progressive cavity pump and sale
We are superior in quantitative supply of liquid and solid body which are high viscosity than usual, and Progressive cavity pump of the company is used in various fields from the oil manufacture, gas distribution company to construction and the shipbuilding industry the environment industries such as the sewers, chemistry, the paper manufacture industry, the eating and drinking product industry in Japan.
Comment from the company  We unify operation by the collection of production and office function with this move at new base and plan improvement, sales promotion of productivity and plans for growth and expansion.
 Particularly, "Smart Dosing Pump" connected as IoT apparatus "SCT pump" which is division type stator type that is our patent technology in other apparatuses and networks provides innovative products such as available "high pressure pumps" in fields such as environment, food, chemistry, bio from shoryuryo. At the same time to contribute to improvement of safe / quality of all of Yokohama-shi, company and research organizations and cost cut, through cooperation to development of products and cooperation to further development want to help.
Summary of the foreign head office Company name SEEPEX GmbH
The location Bottrop, Germany
Representative Ulli Seeberger, CEO
Establishment 1972
The number of employees It is 813 people other than 420 head offices, head office
Contact information about this matter  SEEPEX Japan Co., Ltd sales department Koichiro Taguchi
Telephone 045-507-5890


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