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Press release document
August 25, 2017
Economic Affairs Bureau management, founding support section manager
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Social business growth support project

Yokohama innovation scrum program
2017 participation company decision!
It recruits participants of support human resources (professional Bono) upbringing program (the latter period)!


 While social business company working on social problem receives support by adviser and professional Bono centering on development of vision five years later and action plan, "Yokohama innovation scrum program" (May 8, 2017 news release) acts for problem solution and is acceleration program in half a year to plan further stage up. 
 As company participating in "Yokohama innovation scrum program 2017" this time was decided, we announce!


 In addition, Bono professional in this company which we decidedIt recruits participants of program (support personnel training program (latter period)) to support toshite accompaniment!

※Professional Bono is abbreviation of Latin "pro bono publico" of meaning, "it is for public good" and is the volunteer activity whole, because of the profession, to keep knowledge, skill to have alive, and to do contribution to society.


1 "Yokohama innovation scrum program" participation 6 company ()

OTON GLASS figure of an island Keisuke

 We develop glasses-shaped device to support reading person with a disability and visually-impaired person, person of overseas visit to a shore. Through program, we want to cooperate with welfare institution of Yokohama and in bound business.

Jumpers Toshihiro Nishio

 Development and production do hearing device which took in new viewpoint to participate in social activity without person with hearing loss feeling obstacle. We want to send possibility of new communication from Yokohama.

Daddy Company Masashi Soeda

 The Web media plays and are, and "they support local child care through Yokohama". We want to contribute to child care of Yokohama by continuing media business, and developing.

Mr. general corporate judicial person reduce disaster damage laboratory Hikari Suzuki

 We catch the preparation to disaster as "every oneself" and aim at reducing disaster damage because individual and area, company put into action. We want to realize reduce disaster damage society from Yokohama.

SAKAE Next Project spring Kotaro

 "We make Sakae by hand and make Yokohama of youths and want to push forward person fortune upbringing that is new from Sakae Ward in vision in we make the earth" to aim at local wound life of Sakae Ward.

Underline Tokuko Otaki

 We perform administration of child dining room "meal ground of all" or working support of slight developmentally disabled student. We want to make network of local Yokohama through program.


2 support human resources (professional Bono) upbringing program offer essential points

We perform practical work while learning the basics of problem and social business of Motoichi. In addition, we arrange opportunity of matching with company targeted for support of individual support program and provide place of practice.

※Course to learn problem and social business of Motoichi is holding simultaneous with "last part of social business start-up course". We announce the details in press release of student offer separately in the "social business start-up course" latter period on September 1, 2017.

Offer period: From Wednesday, August 23, 2017 to Thursday, September 28, 2017

The offer number of people: 20 people

Entrance fee: Free of charge

Holding place: mass X mass Kannai future center

Target person: City residence or person who works. One with will to work on as professional Bono. to

Application method: You advance from the following homepage to entry form, and please fill in necessary item.

※Look at the program details from this.

[entry & inquiry]

◆The secretariat: Kannai innovation initiative

◆Contact TEL 045-274-8701/FAX 045-226-4755/E-mail


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