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Way of working is changed by little invention! Yokohama way of working innovation fur lamb 9/7 holding!



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July 20, 2017
Economic Affairs Bureau employment labor section manager
Naomi Okutsu TEL: 671-2303




<< work-style promotion business >>

Way of working is changed by little invention!
Yokohama way of working innovation forum 9/7 holding!
We introduce concrete approach example in ... medium and small-sized businesses! ...

With improvement of employment situation by slow recovery of economy and decrease in labor force by low birthrate and aging, labor shortages such as medium and small-sized businesses are worsening. Maintenance of labor circumstances becomes urgent business while improvement of labor productivity by achievement promotion of woman and senior to be considered to be potential work force from it and utilization of information and communication technology (ICT), prevention of quitting a job by child care, care, cancellation of long working hours become urgent problem, and "creation of way of working that is flexible in diverseness" of that purpose is necessary.

In our forum, we utilize ICT and introduce "telework" that is one of the technique to realize flexible way of working not to be kept in time and place and invite various places of medium and small-sized business practicing various, flexible ways of working to panelist and carry out panel discussion about "concrete approach example in medium and small-sized businesses".


 Thursday, September 7 from 14:00 to 16:20 (opening 13:30)
The second floor of  TKP garden city Yokohama hall A (the second floor of 3-1, Kinkoucho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi konkado Yokohama)
・Lecture "various, flexible ways of working and possibility to spread by teleworks"  
About panel discussion "match example about way of working reform in medium and small-sized businesses"
 ※For more information about contents, please see attachment flyer.
 Target person
 In medium and small-sized business, Yokohama-shi in Yokohama-shi companies with office
 Advance reservations system (50 capacity)
 Application which there is on the back of following URL, telephone, flyer by FAX
 The work-style promotion business secretariat

[reception hours] from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30 (is excluded on holiday)

⋆Yokohama-shi consigns this business to Pasona technical center and carries out.             
   Application, reference becomes trust company. 

An example of merit to utilize telework


1 "security of new human resources"
 Human resources (woman and knowledge with carrier blank who "a variety of ways of working" are created by introducing telework to enable teleworking, and are new
There is chance when elderly people with experience call in). In addition, in job hunting such as students having teleworking or not with point of selection of company
It is becoming.

 Merit 2
"prevention of valuable human resources outflow"

 It is said to introduction that is in teleworking form that utilized telework as preventive measures against quitting a job by reasons such as child care, care effectively. Company in the future
We attract attention as technique to prevent outflow of precious human resources to be able to employ in this.

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