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Economic Affairs Bureau > Press release > 2017 > We hold interchange event "gathering of office worker inobeta in Yokohama vol.1" regarding relations of organization as individual!

Press release

We hold interchange event "gathering of office worker inobeta in Yokohama vol.1" regarding relations of organization as individual!


Press release document
December 27, 2017
The Business Development Division Economic Affairs Bureau head
Hideaki Takagi TEL: 671-3984


Interchange event to regard relations of organization as individual
We hold "gathering in Yokohama vol.1 of office worker inobeta"!

 New businesses (office worker inobeta) playing an active part out of office including setup gathers while belonging to company, group, and Yokohama-shi carries out interchange type event to talk about way of working that seems to be Yokohama.

   (opening innovation), also known as work attracts attention of development of new business in cooperation with other organizations company, group while social change accelerates.

   In Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau, company employees challenging creation of such a new business wrestle for construction of attractive business area that can grow up through interchange with outside the company.

   We watch activity from office worker inobeta with connection under the theme of "we regard recombination of organization as individual crossing the border" this time in Yokohama and investigate creative way of working that seems to be Yokohama.

   Please come and join person who is interested in interchange and activity across organization, which has been already practiced.

State of the last eventState 2 of the last event
March 28, 2017, state of gathering in Yokohama vol.0 of office worker inobeta

1 event summary

[the date and time] Tuesday, January 16, 2018 from 19:00 to 20:45
  ※The opening is 30 minutes ago of start. We cannot enter a room in building security after 20:00
[venue] Fuji Xerox R & D square the third floor cowound laboratory
  From JR, subway, private railroad line "Yokohama" station from 8-minute walk, Minato Mirai Line "new Takashima" station Exit 3 3-minute walk
[entrance fee] Free of charge 
[capacity] 40 people 
 ※Receptionist becomes first-come-first-served basis.
 ※There is not day care, but is participation welcome in with child!
[sponsorship] Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau
[administration] General Work Design Lab
[venue cooperation] Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

2 timetable

The from 19:00 to 19:15 opening of a meeting (the 18:30 opening)
        ・Holding purpose / Yokohama-shi, Work Design Lab
From 19:15 to 20:45 inobetazutokusesshon (panel discussion)
        Talk theme "regards recombination of organization as individual crossing the border"
        ▼Guest speaker
        ・Shinji Taguchi (association of ekottsueria)
        ・Atsushi Yamazaki (KOKUYO Co., Ltd.)
        ・Takashi Ishikawa (Work Design Lab)

3 guest speaker profiles

Shinji Taguchi (taguchishinji) he
Association of ekottsueria secretariat's deputy manager CSV business producer

It was born in 1972 and is resident in Yokohama-shi. It is entered the company after Yokohama National University department of engineering graduation in 1996 by communications apparatus manufacturer. We start talks party by world cafe while belonging to company from March, 2010. We gather person and student, NPO, people of every attribute including housewife working in company and host event that changed theme every month. We establish "future center limited liability partnership (LLP) between companies" in December, 2011. We talk about future society and carry out activity for new value creation. Incumbent from February, 2013. Through administration duties of new interchange base "3 X 3Lab Future", we are active toward social business creation in order to make Marunouchi town of opening innovation. Kobe University department of economics part-time teacher. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "consumption activity promotion (hospitality) platform society" committee. Japan Business Federation "company, medium-ranking enterprise activation Committee plan sectional meeting" committees.

Atsushi Yamazaki (yamazakiatsushi) he
KOKUYO Co., Ltd. business development center net solution Division senior specialist

It was born in 1973 and is resident in Yokohama-shi. It is entered the company in 1997 to KOKUYO Co., Ltd. After experiencing furniture section, we plan new business in research and development section from 2003 and launch cloud slip service "@Tovas" (attotobasu) and we provide and start. We win "ASP, SaaS, ICT outsourcing Award synthesis Grand Prix" by the service in 2009 and it is number one in Japan and shines. We launch net stationery project from 2010 and bring up smartphone-adaptive notebook "CamiApp" (camisole up) to release, hot seller more than 1 million. intorepurena which raised business small through organization by additional post with the cause of theme called "unofficial authorized project", volunteer in the company and main profession at the beginning. In addition, while we are active across frame of organization as NPO corporation ASP, SaaS, cloud consortium director and MIJS consortium vice chairperson, social uncles 25.

4 application methods

Apply with form from the following URL.
※Receptionist becomes first-come-first-served basis.

[reference about application]
(no company) Work Design Lab charge e-mail: info@work-redesign .com

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5 social gatherings

We hold social gathering with light meal after event and perform alternating current of participant.
[sponsorship] General Work Design Lab
[time] From 20:45 to 21:30
[venue] It is the same as event site 
[entrance fee] 1,000 yen (we include drink, light meal)

6 and others

・Please refer to event page of peatix for the details.
・On the day person wanting coverage come to venue after notification addressed to the following "reference" beforehand.



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