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We make "I, TOP Yokohama" PR picture


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December 22, 2017
Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section manager
   Takayuki Nakamura
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We make "I▫TOP Yokohama" PR picture

 IoT of "I▫TOP Yokohama" makes PR picture to introduce "productivity improvement support of small and medium size manufacturing industry" that utilized (※) to and is released with video portal site "Yokohama channel" of Yokohama-shi (approximately ten minutes).
There are approximately 6,000 in small and medium size manufacturing industry, and, in Yokohama-shi, productivity improvement of the companies leads to raise of Yokohama economy. Small and medium size manufacturing industry focused IoT on technique to conjugate in shop floor with example of other cities with this PR picture and manufactured in order to open approach of IoT utilization more.

(※)…With "IoT," we use as technical generic names such as big data analysis, AI (artificial intelligence), robot that innovation advances in conjunction with IoT.

1 exhibition place

Video portal site "Yokohama channel" of Yokohama-shi is inner

"ITOP Yokohama" - Yokohama-shi in the place of dispatch of IoT business model (approximately ten minutes)

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2 Pub. Dates

From December 22, 2017


3 picture contents

   In technique to link every thing on the Internet, approach to connect with efficiency of productivity begins in the spot of production, and "IoT" improves productivity that we utilize "simple IoT" which cost-cut in "Asahi ironsmith" of Hekinan-shi, Aichi.

On the other hand, company in Yokohama-shi pushes forward approach, too, and city medium and small-sized business "kyoritsukinzokukogyokabushikikaisha" and matching of major communication business "east NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE Corporation" (NTT East Japan) are realized in business of "ITOP Yokohama". Approach of IoT begins in "nipa".

Press release document


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