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"I, TOP Yokohama" kickoff event Tuesday, June 20 holding!


Press release document
May 30, 2017
Economic Affairs Bureau industrial base adjustment section's project manager
Ken Tateishi telephone 671-3913
Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section manager
Takayuki Nakamura telephone 671-3839







I▫TOP Yokohama "kickoff event"

Tuesday, June 20 holding!

 In Yokohama-shi, we launch "IoT opening innovation partners" (I▫TOP Yokohama) as part of approach for creation of newly industrial new business by opening innovation from this April and raise company, groups to participate in. (65 companies, group proposes)
 As you publicize approach of this "I▫TOP Yokohama" toward company and the citizen in the city widely and hold kickoff event as place starting interchange, cooperation, please participate by all means. In addition, please arrive in one which you accept even if you arrive of coverage of the day.

[summary (plan) of kickoff event] ※As for the details, please see attached press release document.

1 date and time: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 from 13:00 to 17:15
2 meeting places: Pacifico-yokohama 3F Conference Center (1-1-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi)
3 sponsorship: Yokohama-shi, Yokohama corporate management support foundation

Whole 4 lecture: From 13:00 to 15:00
 (1) From 13:00 to 13:10 Yokohama-shi greetings 
 (2) Representative promoter greetings (Yokohama chamber of commerce vice-president Shinko Okada) joint for from 13:10 to 13:20 
 (3) From 13:20 to 13:30 guest greetings (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry commercial affairs information Policy Bureau councillor Yoshiaki Takeuchi) 
 (4) From 13:30 to 13:40 guest greetings (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Kanto synthesis Communication Bureau) 
 (5) Fill-in (Yokohama-shi economy chief of the bureau Takumi Hayashi) of from 13:40 to 14:00 "I, TOP Yokohama" 
 (6) From 14:00 to 15:00 Keynote Speech (for each 30 minutes)
   Oh, "expecting in approach /I, TOP Yokohama of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" 
      Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry commercial affairs information Policy Bureau information processing promotion section manager Go Takizawa
   i "I, thing that we expect for cooperation with TOP Yokohama" 
      Keio University synthesis policy department's professor Tomoyuki Furuya

Lecture according to 5 themes: From 15:15 to 17:15 (we are divided into individual room every each ※ theme and are held at the same time.) 
 (1) Introduction support of manufacturing industry
    "Realization of improvement of productivity by simple IoT service" 
      East Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation business development headquarters Sakai great correctness he 
    "We tell relief beginning of IoT convenient simply"  
      Japanese Microsoft Satoshi Murabayashi
      Tokyo Electron Device Ryohei Fukuda
 (2) Mobility
    "Nissan intelligent mobility" (tentative title) 
      Nissan Motor
    "Mobility service in the automatic driving era" 
      DeNA automatic motive Division senior manager Akira Yamamoto Yu
 (3) House
    "House system and citizen-based town planning that utilized IoT" 
      NTT DOCOMO service innovation department's project manager Horiguchi Prize one people
      Misawa Homes Institute of Research And Development IoT certification examination project leader Masato Iijima
      University of Tokyo Graduate School information science and technology studies system graduate course professor Hiroshi Ezaki
 (4) Industrial security
    "The latest trend of cyber security and future problem" 
      KDDI CORPORATION technology plan headquarters information security fellow Toshiaki Tanaka
    For "industrial security"
      Robot revolution initiative meeting Indus rial IoT promotion unification Kiyoshi Mizukami
    "Cyber security risk" (provisionally) 
      teyufurainrandogurupu ICT section senior consultant Mr. Adam Bown
    <panel discussion> Future trend (Japan, foreign countries), question of participant
 (5) IoT, security
    "IoT Security READY!! Security enhancement and inspection of IoT apparatus, IoT service" 
      Educational foundation Iwasaki school Institute of Information Security's professor Shun Matsui Hiroshi
      Mr. leader at incorporated administrative agency information processing promotion mechanism SEC software group Akira Nakao good
      General corporate judicial person important life apparatus cooperation security kyogikaidaihyorijiogiyashishi
      JVC KENWOOD Technical Development Department smart technology R & D group group long Seiichi Mikami 
    <moderator> Mr. educational foundation Iwasaki school Institute of Information Security's president Atsuhiro Goto
 (6) Drone
    <panel discussion>
      Keio University Graduate School policy, media graduate course special appointment lecturer Shintaro Takahashi
      Yokohama IT cluster exchange meeting chairperson Junichiro Yoshikawa
 (7) Communication network (LPWA) 
     Headquarters for Promotion of Softbank Corporation IoT business business plan unification part unification manager Masamitsu Kuwahara
     Headquarters for Promotion of KDDI CORPORATION solution business headquarters business IoT business IoT manager of Planning Kei Harada Satoru
 ※We establish showpiece section (brochures)
6 exchange meetings: From 17:30 to 19:30
 Place: risutorante attimo (Pacifico-yokohama Tenji-hall 2F)
 Sponsorship: Yokohama corporate management support foundation
 Entrance fee: 3,000 yen (※ lecture is free, but there is a charge for exchange meeting.) 

[the details, application method]

Press release document

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