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We launch "I▫TOP Yokohama" and raise participant companies, groups!


Press release document
April 11, 2017
Economic Affairs Bureau industrial base adjustment section's project manager
Ken Tateishi telephone 671-3913
Economic Affairs Bureau manufacturing support section manager
Takayuki Nakamura telephone 671-3839






 Business creation that utilized IoT, challenge support of medium and small-sized business,

We launch "I▫TOP Yokohama" and raise participation in planning company, groups!

 It is strength of Yokohama economy and, in Yokohama-shi, makes use of "accumulation of manufacturing, IT industry", and it is in places such as interchange, cooperation, project promotion, personnel training for business creation that utilized (IoT, big data, AI, robot), and IoT launches "IoT opening innovation partners" (I▫TOP Yokohama) and recruits company, groups to participate in.

[participation object, requirements]
Type of industry and scale do not matter,
Utilizing IoT, and working on new product, service development by open innovation,
Medium and small-sized business participating in (what or we may participate in
It becomes premise to work on solution to social problem.

[application method]

 As you send application, please send E-mail to the following address.

Press release document

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Economic Affairs Bureau industrial base adjustment section, manufacturing support section - April 11, 2017 - January 11, 2017
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