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Press release

Holding of "data utilization business plan boot camp in Yokohama" result presentation!

Press release document
March 2, 2017
Growth industry promotion section manager
Ken Tateishi telephone 671-3913

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 ≪Open data utilization conducts a business in 2016; support project≫

"Data utilization business plan boot camp in Yokohama"

We hold result presentation!


In Yokohama-shi, we support inflection of data (big data, open data) in business and promote creation of new business that utilized data.
About business plan that raised widely in "data utilization business plan boot camp in Yokohama", and was chosen, "men raised completeness of business plan expert of the fields of such as IT, company support while ter", advising proposer by ga one-to-one.
 We carry out chosen result presentation of five promising business plans. Please participate. Press release document

  ※"Boot camp"…It is education, training program or the facility. We undertake an enterprise for idea of business that utilized data including open data in our boot camp and aim for connecting with success example creation from Yokohama. 

 "Data utilization business plan boot camp in Yokohama" result presentation
 ※It is held on the same day with Yokohama on international opening data D 2017.

 From Saturday, March 4, 2017 10:30 to 12:15

3.Meeting place
 Yokohama International Passenger Terminal CIQ plaza

4.Secretariat / cooperation

 NPO corporation Yokohama community design laboratory / public corporate judicial person link data

 (1) Opening of a meeting greetings, purpose explanation
 (2) Business plan announcement (5 groups)
  A. "Finding manhole" TOSHIBA CORPORATION Design Center Wei 彤舲 (gitourei) he
  i. "spot japan for YOKOHAMA" future box Yuta Shiga
  Cormorant. "Change of public awareness campaign and the mental disease treatment spot of importance of sleep by sleep recorded data utilization" Yasushi Akazawa
  Oh. "Future laboratory increasing couple and families that lucky charm application, SNS/ at the age of what-if is happy" Bonheur Tae Nakaya
  o. "Application /KONOBA which place supporting child care without break from baby to elementary school entrance to school can search" NPO corporation binobino Yumiko Hatanaka
 (3) Examination, vote, count
 (4) Award ceremony
 (5) Whole comment
6.The details, application URL


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