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Press release

"The 37th yokohama skill Festival" holding


Press release document
October 12, 2016
keisumikyokuyatoiyoro*kachookutsuchokushindenhanashi 671-2303
Yokohama-shi skill job group communication meeting chairperson Yukio Koizumi






 "The 37th yokohama skill Festival" holding! 

Craftsman of ... Hama flocks! We show vaunted craftsmanship! ...

 Craftsmen supporting Civvy Street gather. We appeal to everybody for "the skill and heart" of craftsman widely.
 There are announcement of the vaunted "skill" and display, sale of work, the others, "manufacturing experience corner by craftsman instruction, too". Please come to play.

≪On the date≫

  Sunday, October 23, 2016 from 9:30 to 16:00

≪Holding place≫
  Yokohama Park (the Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama Stadium side)
         (JR Kannai Station drop off walk three minutes)

≪Held contents≫
◇Stage event◇
・Lumber-carriers' work song, fireman's standard transfer (association of Yokohama-shi black kite industry society)
 ・Ice sculpture (association of all-Japan food service supervisor person Motobu, Kanagawa)
 ・Performance others by Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band

◇Experience-based corner ◇ ※Some pay
 ・It is made with mini-mat (tatami mat)       
 ・The making of copper sheet nameplate
 ・Woodwork classroom
 ・Indigo dyeing, tie-dyed experience
 ・Stone seal sculpture
 ・The making of mud dumpling

 ・Sale such as Frankfurt or handmade tofu, fried bean curd, Yakisoba, takoyaki
 ・Petty person in Western clothing and petty person in Japanese dress, saddlecloth mat, cutting board, tree pail, sale of work of craftsman including copper "crane and tortoise"
 ・We experience quick massage (pay), nail file, Y shirt finish, dyeing a cloth with a part relieved
 ・Free distribution (170 first arrival) of young plant ※(no company) by association of Kanagawa landscape gardening business "manual is with how to raise"
  ... distribution places: It is ... from around headquarters tent, 13:00


   Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau employment Labor Relations Section telephone 045-671-4098
   Yokohama-shi skill job group communication meeting telephone 045-650-5811
  (the secretariat: in month only for 13-15:00 of water, money)
※About coverage of the day, come to headquarters tent.

Press release document (PDF)
The 37th yokohama skill Festival handbill (PDF)

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