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It becomes company winning in the future! Holding of Yokohama-shi human resources utilization innovation seminar



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September 30, 2016
Economic Affairs Bureau employment labor section manager
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<< Yokohama telework promotion business >>

It becomes company winning in the second future!
Holding of Yokohama-shi human resources utilization innovation seminar

 There is not readily inquiry of interview even if we do job offer. Such voices increase. As for the current employment situation, active opening ratio becomes high level before Lehman shock, and securing of new human resource invites difficult situation. We utilize ICT in that, and "telework" to realize flexible way of working not to get snagged on time and place attracts attention. Possibility for securing of new human resource and creation of place of achievement comes out by a variety of ways of working being enabled in company.
 By this seminar, we send information for "way of working reform" through telework to enable teleworking to cancellation that is short of the fourth Industrial Revolution (IoT), human resources with the latest trend in the future of Yokohama!


 Monday, November 7 13:00 ... (opening 12:30)
1. Personnel utilization innovation seminar (from 13:00 to 15:00) (the following contents: theme 1-3)
2. Telework introduction individual treatment conference (from 15:10 to 16:10) ※After seminar application, it requires reservation
    Meeting place
 Yokohama Media and Communications Center the sixth floor contents and form hall (11, Nihonodori, Naka-ku)
With reason needing way of working reform in future corporate management now of theme 1 Yokohama
Business power up for the theme 2 future is done! Human resources utilization technique to lose if we do not know
       Points of summary, introduction of change and telework of way of working in the future
Telework utilization company example of theme 3 Yokohama
                ・"Securing of human resources by inflection of telework and maintenance of satellite office"
        Future networks
       ・"Work-style change and cost cut by telework"
        Mukainada Electric engineering works
 Target person
 In SME in Yokohama-shi and Yokohama-shi companies with establishment
 Advance reservations system (50 capacity)
 Application which there is on the back of the following URL or the handbill by FAX
 The Yokohama telework promotion business secretariat

[reception hours] from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:30 (is excluded for holiday and the year-end and New Year holidays)

⋆Yokohama-shi consigns this business to Pasona technical center and carries out.             
   Reference becomes trust company application. 

An example of merit to utilize telework


1 "securing of new personnel"
 Human resources (woman and knowledge with carrier blank who "a variety of ways of working" are created by introducing telework to enable teleworking, and are new
There is chance when elderly people with experience call in). In addition, in job hunting such as students having teleworking or not with point of selection of company
It is becoming.

 Merit 2
"prevention of valuable personnel outflow"

 It is said to introduction that is in teleworking form that utilized telework as preventive measures against quitting a job by reasons such as child care, long-term care effectively. Company in the future
We attract attention as technique to prevent outflow of human resources that niokeru is precious.

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