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Representative park


Tomioka multi-purpose park (Kanazawa Ward)

Photograph of Tomioka multi-purpose park

Park which leaves flavor that is old, and was coastal scenic spot. There are open space or archery ground, too.
Kanazawa Seaside Line "Nambu-Shijo Station" drop off walk five minutes / Keihin Electric Express bus "Higashitomioka" "Torimi mound" getting off

※In addition, you can see thing about Keihin Electric Express bus from HP of Keihin Electric Express bus.

The location: 2-9, Tomiokahigashi, Kanazawa-ku
Parking lot: As for the details such as 24 rates, please see this
Opening of the park: March, 1975 <multi-purpose park>
Area: 219,208m2

There were base "Yokohama navy flying corps" of the Japanese Navy and we were requisitioned after the war by the U.S. forces and have been ever called Tomioka warehouse district here.

Of effort of the person concerned bought and was returned in 1971 and part received gratuitous loan of national land from 1975 and was released as park.

It is old and was coastal scenic spot, and, according to the map installed in observation deck maintained in 1988, knows that point of mountain of Tomioka was the sea well before.

In natural forest such as dogwood, tab, oak, tennis court, archery ground are maintained, too.

With thing our country's first for government facility, there are 20 lanes in thing of range of 90m, and archery ground is famous by having brought up international player of most.

Along the central road, row of trees letting you yearn for cherry tree and Western park which can show wonderful flower every year is seen, and point on the abdomen at the time of Yokohama navy flying corps is left for both sides of road.

Monument of mysterious form of half sphere that stone was buried in roughly is installed in open space with pergola which went up narrow stairs of the road north side.

When we climb up this top and speak, it is mysterious monument that voice sounds to be in cave.

In addition, letter of north, south, east and west buried in the people is thing with Chinese writing brush which visited Yokohama for Shanghai Yokohama friendship garden construction in Honmoku citizen Park at the time of maintenance of open space.

Our park performs management by designated manager.
(Tomioka multi-purpose park telephone: 045-774-3003.)
(public interest incorporated foundation) We match homepage establishing in association of Midori, Yokohama-shi, and please see.

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