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Representative park


Nagahama Park (Kanazawa Ward)

Photograph of Nagahama Park
Other than sports facilities of baseball fields, there is bird-watching garden around sea mingled with fresh water pond (pond connected to the sea).

Keikyu-Tomioka Station drop off walk 30 minutes / Kanazawa Seaside Line "Sachiura Station" drop off walk five minutes
"Kanazawa sports center is in front" of the municipal bus and gets off JR Shin-Sugita Station
※In addition, you can see thing about municipal bus from HP of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau.

The location: 106-6, Nagahama, Kanazawa-ku
Parking lot: 75 pay (available 50 yen, 24h for after 300 yen 20 minutes for two hours)
Opening of the park: July, 1982 <exercise park>
Area: 154,309m2

As for the name of "Nagahama" of park, it was named from place where there was the long beach which extended to Tomioka by shiba.

Park sandwiches high-speed Yokohama Yokosuka road, and two of the north side and the south side know, and baseball field, tennis court, multi-purpose exercise open space and exercise facilities gather a lot in the north side, and open spaces of lawn are located in center open space mainly on fountain.

The south side becomes bird-watching garden, and a certain sea mingled with fresh water pond is trace of ship those present made at the time of Nagahama quarantine station establishment in 1895 in that.

There were two piers in that and was place where ship which came over from foreign country anchored in during periods such as disinfection or isolation in those days.

In beautiful place of scenery to see the sea, the scenery is had for poetry by Tekkan Yosano, Akiko and others who visited here.

We were found premeditatedly as parkland from the beginning of Kanazawa frontage reclaiming work that began in the 40, Showa generation, and the park south side opened in 1982, and advanced, and maintenance of amusement places of exercise facility and child finished maintenance of bird-watching garden in 1992, and they were opened entirely afterwards here.

Sea mingled with fresh water pond having the first artificial tideland is tied up to the sea by water in Yokohama and is live pond where water level changes into by tide.

The environment that many creatures can spend around in fresh water pond or reed Hara, forest using spring is made.

It is adjacent Kanazawa sports center and place enjoying sports in total and is place to be able to enjoy as place coming in contact naturally.

In addition, a part of the parkland concerned catches gratuitous loan of national land.

In addition, please see as we release HP introducing information of Nagahama Park in designated manager.

Our park performs management by designated manager.
(Nagahama Park control center telephone: 045-782-8004)

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